Adria Wilson

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Adria Wilson, BS, 2009

Adria Wilson

I am currently a second year graduate student at Duke University, working under Dr. Benjamin Wiley to make bimetallic nanoparticles with well-defined structures that can be used to determine the underlying causes for their behavior as catalysts. When I first entered Duke's graduate program, I wanted to find a way to do research that would be useful for developing more efficient ways of using energy. Studying catalysis from a chemist's perspective has proven to be a perfect way to satisfy my goal, because the types of structure-property relationships that I am investigating could lead to a better understanding of how to improve catalysts used in industry.

I'm thrilled to be the recipient of an NSF GRFP fellowship. Being granted an award from such an influential institution is an honor, and gives me the means to put my all into my research and into teaching others about the usefulness of science to our society.