Ernest Hakanen, PhD

Professor of Communication

Ernest Hakanen

Office: PSA 102
Phone: 215.895.1354



  • PhD, Communication, Temple University, 1989

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Communication Theory and History
  • Adolescent Media Use
  • Telecommunications Policy
  • Mass Media Effects/History
  • Global Media
  • Semiotics

Research Projects

  • Media coverage and semiotic interpretations of Iraq war media coverage. Co-Principal Investigator: 2006-present
  • Research into the coverage of the Iraq war by foreign media outlets. Co-Principal Investigator: 2006-2007


He teaches “Theories of Communication and Persuasion,” “Media Effects,” “Telecommunication Policy in the Information Age,” and “Mass Communication and American Social Thought.” He researches music and emotions, history of our discipline, fandom, and social grid indicators eg. lists, ratings, ranking, reviews, etc., those things that tell us how we think we fit.

Selected Publications

  • Branding the teleself: Mass media effects discourse and the changing self. Lexington Books (Rowman-Littlefield): Lanham, MD, 2007.
  • Signs of war: From patriotism to dissent. (Co-Edited with Anne-Marie Obatek-Kirkwood). Palgrave MacMillan: New York, 2007.
  • Relationship between emotional intelligence to emotional recognition and mood management. Psychological Reports. 94: 1097-1103, 2004.