Anthony Glascock, PhD

Coordinator of Anthropology Program; Professor of Anthropology

Anthony Glascock

Office: PSA 202D
Phone: 215.895.1090


  • PhD, Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh, 1973

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Aging and Health
  • Definitions of Functionality and Impairment
  • Technology and Aging
  • Social Organization
  • Ireland, East Africa
  • Cultural Theory

Research Projects

My current research concerns the integration of information provided by behavioral monitoring into care provision models in different care provider settings. Currently research is being conducted in six different locations in the US and England. The research is self funded.

  • Integrated and Continuous Assessment as a Component of Effective Discharge Planning for Older Adults. Co-Principal Investigator: 1994-1997
  • Center for Applied Neurogerontology. Director: 1986-present

Selected Publications

  • Glascock, Anthony P., “Is Killing Necessarily Murder? Moral Questions Surrounding Assisted Suicide and Death Hastening”, in Culture, Aging, and Society, Third Edition, edited by Jay Sokolovsky. Boston: Bergin Publishers, pp.77-93, 2009.
  • Glascock, Anthony P. and David Kutzik, “A Care Informatics Approach to Telehomecare Applications”, in The Handbook of Research on IT Management and Clinical Data Administration in Healthcare, edited by Ashwish Dwivedi. Hershey, PA: IGI Publishing, pp. 368-382, 2009.
  • Glascock, Anthony P. and David Kutzik, “Embrace the Chaos, It’s Not Noise: Lessons Learned from Non-Traditional Environments”, International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction, Special Issue, 1 (2) 22-36, April-June 2009.