Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Sociology is a broad discipline dealing with interpersonal behavior. It examines the behavior of social units as small as the family or two people riding an elevator and as large as a company, a city, a country, or the entire world. Because sociology critically examines “truths” frequently taken for granted, it does more than offer its own distinctive area of information.Training in sociology leads to a mode of critical thinking that enables one to push beyond established boundaries. Such a skill is invaluable in a wide range of professions.

Community-based research is done with and for community groups. It is research in which the community groups themselves help set the agenda of research questions so that the results are directly useful to them. It is a way through which the University as a whole can become more engaged with the wider community while promoting social justice. Students play a central role in this approach.They go out into the community to acquire hands-on experience relating to their classroom work.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts Degree: 182.0 credits

Recommended Plan of Study

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology: Five Year, 3 Co-op