Modern Languages

Culture Comm Modern Languages

The Modern Languages program at Drexel University offers minors in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. The program takes a communicative approach to learning. Students from all disciplines at the University are invited to enroll in language courses, creating a dynamic learning environment. In this multidisciplinary program, students develop language competence along with knowledge of foreign cultures. Language study also gives Drexel students access to a world of opportunities, including international study abroad programs and Co-op placements.

Students are placed in language courses in accordance with language placement testing administered during freshman orientation and at various times during the academic year, if registering later for a specific language. Students who do not take advantage of this option must comply with the department's enrollment guidelines.

Validation of minimal language competence is required for Co-op placement abroad in countries where English is not the national language. Study for two consecutive terms or through level 103 is the minimum requirement for the BA degree, however most departments require additional language coursework.

Requirements for all BA Students

Students who have declared a major with a BA are required to complete a foreign language at the 201 level or take two consecutive courses if they place into or higher than the 201 level. If students have taken a language at their high school, and intend to pursue the same language at Drexel University, they are required to take a placement exam before enrolling in language classes. Students who have never studied the language of choice can enroll into 101.

There are some majors at Drexel University that demand a higher level of proficiency in the language of choice. The two majors are International Area Studies in the College of Arts and Science and International Business in LeBow College.

It is strongly recommended that students go to the website of their major to ensure that they get an overview of their major and its language requirement. Each major in the College of Arts and Sciences has individual requirements for language study. Please double check with your Academic Advisor that your language requirements are included in your Checklist of Major Plan of Study.

Career Opportunities

Fluent understanding of a foreign language is a benefit to individuals in a wide variety of professional fields including anthropology, education, international business, law, politics and medicine.