Environmental Studies

Culture Comm Environmental Studies

So you want to save the world? Perfect. So do we. And in Drexel’s Environmental Studies program, you’ll learn exactly how air and water pollution, toxic chemicals, urban sprawl and unsustainable energy use affect our health and the world we live in. More importantly, you’ll gain the skills necessary to do something about it.

About the Curriculum:

The Environmental Studies program is an interdisciplinary major designed to prepare students for employment or graduate studies in the growing fields of environmental policy and justice, environmental communication and urban planning. The core principal of this program can be summed up by the term "sustainability" -- a commitment to conserve finite natural resources while developing smarter social, political and economic systems to balance current needs with those of future generations.

The Environmental Studies program offers educational, professional and community service opportunities created by nationally respected faculty experts from across the University. You’ll collaborate with your professors in campus organizations such as Drexel Green, our campus sustainability initiative. Other opportunities include the Drexel Sierra Club Coalition, and collaboration on environmental sustainability efforts by the City of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley Region.

Undergraduate Degrees