Criminology & Justice Studies

Culture Comm Criminal Justice

As a Criminology & Justice Studies major, you’ll investigate the darkest corners of cybercrime, environmental crime, terrorism, forensic science and restorative justice. You’ll take advantage of Drexel’s strengths in philosophy, psychology, political science, biology, chemistry, legal studies and computer science.

Your professors will be current or former criminal justice experts who teach from experience and are well acquainted with the most recent scientific developments and technologies, as well as legal scholarship. Small classes will allow you to work closely with your professors, while internships will supplement your classroom knowledge with relevant hands-on experience.

About the Curriculum

The Criminology & Justice Studies program gives you a thorough understanding of the scientific research into crime, criminal behavior, penology and criminal law. Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared for employment at the local, state and federal level, or for graduate school in criminal justice, law and related programs.

Undergraduate Degrees