Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology

The Anthropology major is a small, highly specialized program that provides students with an exceptional background in theory, methodology and field experience to prepare them for careers or graduate school. Students broaden their understanding of the diversity of cultures and ways of life through both theoretical and specialized courses, while being trained in field techniques and methodological skills.

The core of the Anthropology major is a six-month co-op that takes place during the junior year, as well as an annual seminar course. Through these experiences, students learn to transform their fieldwork into ethnographic writing, films and other products.

The Seminar

The seminar provides an opportunity to be mentored by faculty and to establish peer-mentoring relationships with other students both within and outside of formal classes. This seminar is a place where fieldwork can be planned and issues can be discussed and analyzed. The seminar requires students to present their research and facilitates the transformation of field experiences into ethnographic writing, films and other products.

Career Opportunities

Seventy percent of Anthropology graduates have continued their studies at the graduate level in related fields: cultural anthropology, Mesoamerican archaeology, marine archaeology, museum studies, public health, law, speech pathology, sociology, international relations, and communications.

Anthropology graduates have also begun careers in anthropology, ethnography and social services, among other areas. Many corporations, schools and healthcare institutions are also using ethnographic field techniques and qualitative methods to understand their markets and clientele, as well as their own organizational structure.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts Degree: 182.0 credits

Recommended Plan of Study

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology: Four Year, 1 Co-op