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MS Communication

Drexel's MS in Communication allows students to pursue careers in a wide variety of professions. The program specializes in four areas: Technical Communication; Science Communication; Public Communication; and Communication, Culture and Media. Technical communication provides skills for those seeking careers in technical writing, computer documentation and training. Science communication leads to careers in medical, science and pharmaceutical writing. Public communication has much to offer those looking to work in journalism and public relations. And the concentration in Communication, Culture and Media provides the scholarly groundwork needed to go on to a doctoral program or become a media analyst.

The MS in Communication program provides a strong foundation in theoretical approaches to communication. The theoretical basis is designed to form an intellectual framework, which allows for evaluating and implementing new technology and media in a quickly changing field.

The program accommodates students from widely varying educational backgrounds and can be completed either full-time or part-time. The program emphasizes flexibility, and each student is encouraged to create his or her own particular course of study.

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General Requirements

The MS degree requires 45 credits of coursework, a professional portfolio of three to five items developed by the student, and six months of internship for those who lack significant experience in communication related fields.

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Students may use electives to increase communication skills, to broaden theoretical backgrounds, or to develop areas of specialization. Any appropriate graduate course offered in the University can serve as an elective if the student has sufficient background to take the course. In addition, the program offers its own elective courses including special topics (COM 690). Qualified students may also pursue independent study for elective credit in special cases.

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Requirements For Admission
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