Graduate FAQs

Where/what is the PSA Building?

The PSA (or Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology) Building is located at the corner of 33rd and Powelton Streets. It currently houses the Culture and Communication Department, though its name still reflects a pre-2001 usage. On some Drexel maps, it is also called the “Neuropsychology Clinic.” Adjacent to this building is the English Language Center, which also shares space with the Modern Languages department. To enter the PSA Building, you must approach the door by the parking lot and use your Drexel Student ID card or ring a buzzer.

Who is my advisor?

For academic matters:

Dr. Ernest Hakanen, 325 PSA, 215.895.1354

For non-academic matters

(i.e. course registration, schedules, adding or dropping courses):

  • Caroline Chmielewski
    Program Coordinator II
    47-117 (PSA Building)
    Phone: 215.895.1313
  • Sharon Wallace
    Program Coordinator I
    47- 101 (PSA Building)
    Phone: 215.895.2456

Who are the Department Heads?

Department Head:

Dr. Wesley Shumar, 215 PSA, 215.895.2060

Assistant Department Head:

Dr. Simone Schlichting-Artur, 48-211, 215-895.2443

Will my major follow the semester system or the quarter system?

It will follow the quarter system.

What are my department’s requirements for graduation?

How do I find a co-op/internship?

This varies between majors, and between graduate and undergraduate programs. Generally, students are expected to be proactive and independent in their search. Some possible ways to search for and secure available positions include networking with students and professors in your major; searching through job postings available through DrexelOne and through department emails, news, and alerts; local newspaper and online listings, and signing up with a staffing agency. Consult the department handbook and meet with your advisor to discuss options and requirements for your course of study.

I am already employed in my field. Do I need an internship or co-op?

For graduate students, depending on your major or field, you may be able to waive this requirement. Please consult the student handbook for your major.

Are there any on-campus employment opportunities available?

Campus employment opportunities are offered through the financial aid office. Please contact 215-895-2537 or visit

May I take courses outside my department?

Yes. This is in fact a great way to enrich your knowledge of your current field/major. There are three factors to consider as you “branch out.” First, take note of any existing prerequisites for the course. Second, in certain cases, you may also need to request permission from the department head or coordinator. Finally, you must choose a graduate-level course, so opt for something in which you already have a working knowledge.

How do I change my status (part time to full-time or full time to part time)?

First, notify your advisor of this change before the quarter begins. Then contact the financial aid office at 215.895-2537.

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