Dr. Bruce Char recognized at Maplesoft’s 25th anniversary

Dr. Bruce Char with fellow founders at Maplesoft's 25th anniversary. (Photo courtesy of Maplesoft)

May 14, 2013 — Dr. Bruce Char, professor of computer science, was recognized at Maplesoft’s 25th anniversary celebration in Waterloo, Ontario April 24, 2013. Char, one of the founders of the company, joined his fellow co-founders at the event where the group was gifted with Gömböcs for their contributions to developing Maple software, a symbolic computation engine.

Gömböc is a mathematics-based shape discovered in 2007 with the help of Maple. The gifts given to the founders have the unique serial number 1988 inscribed onto the surface to commemorate the year of Maplesoft’s incorporation.

Gömböcs, convex three-dimensional homogeneous shapes, are considered self-righting objects. When placed on a flat surface at any angle, the Gömböc will roll around in a systematic way until it reaches a stable equilibrium position.

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