Dr. Santiago Ontañón receives Drexel Career Development Award for Game AI collaboration

Dr. Santiago Ontañón

April 4, 2013 —  

Dr. Santiago Ontañón, assistant professor of computer science, received a Drexel University Career Development Award for the project “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Computer Gaming.”

Ontañón, whose research focuses at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and computer games, aims to work closely with Dr. Michael Buro, associate professor of computer science at the University of Alberta and co-director of Game-playing, Analytical methods, Minimax search and Empirical Studies (GAMES) group, one of the top game AI research labs in the world. As part of this project, Ontañón will join Buro at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada and meet with members from GAMES to plan future joint research projects. Similarly, Buro will visit Drexel for two days for a special Game AI seminar open to all students and faculty at Drexel, as well as the local academic community.

Drexel’s Career Development Awards provide funding for faculty members to develop networks, nationally or internationally, with senior colleagues at other institutions for collaboration and mentorship, as well as introducing outside scholars to the Drexel community.