Ray Canzanese, Drs. Spiros Mancoridis and Moshe Kam receive Lockheed Martin award

December 20, 2012 — Ray Canzanese, ECE Ph.D. candidate, and his advisors, Drs. Moshe Kam, Robert G. Quinn Professor and ECE department head, and Spiros Mancoridis, professor and CS department head, received $5,000 from Lockheed Martin’s “Innovate the Future” challenge.

Thousands of contestants from more than 130 countries competed and Canzanese’s project, an idea in the cyber security domain to detect malware more effectively through data fusion techniques, took one of the three third-place awards.

This contest is devoted to assist creative ideas on how to enable a more secure future for society and the planet. Winners receive cash prizes from Lockheed Martin and the opportunity to validate and develop their ideas through incubation services from Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute at the University of Maryland’s Clark School of Engineering.

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