Dr. Yuanfang Cai Receives NSF Grant for Software Modularity Project

July 12, 2012 — Dr. Yuanfang Cai, assistant professor of computer science, received a two-year grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for the project “Collaborative Research: Teaching Software Modularity through Architectural Review.” The amount of the grant going to Drexel is $68,444. Dr. Cai is collaborating with researchers Jonathan Aldrich (Carnegie Mellon University) and Rick Kazman (University of Hawaii).

Drexel University, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of Hawaii are advancing the education of software engineers through research on teaching software modularity. This project addresses designing for modularity with an approach based on design rule theory, design structure matrix modeling, and architecture review. Results have the potential to advance basic understanding of the causes of design problems that may eventually result in maintenance difficulties, as well as better training software designers with the knowledge, skills, and tools to produce software at lower maintenance costs.