Minor in Software Engineering

Prerequisites Courses:

Computer Programming Competence may be established by completing one of the following course sequences:

  • CS 171/172 (Computer Programming I/II)

  • CS 131/132/172 (Computer Programming A/B/II)

  • SE 101/102/103 (Fundamentals of Software Engineering I/II/III)

  • ECE203 (Programming for Engineers) & ECEC 301 (Advanced Programming for


  • INFO 151/2/3/4 (IS Software I/II/III/IV)

    Advanced Prerequisites Courses

  • CS 265 (Adv Programming Techniques)

  • CS 260 (Data Structures)

    Requirements for the Minor

    Students must complete at least 24 credits from the following list, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Not more than 9 credit hours may overlap with those required for the student’s academic major.

  • All courses listed as required must be completed.

  • Prerequisite courses do not count towards the 24 credit requirement.

    Required Courses:

    • SE 210 (Software Specification and Design I)

    • SE 211 (Software Specification and Design II)

    • SE 310 (Software Architecture I) or CS 350 (Software Design)

    • SE 311 (Software Architecture II)

    • SE 320 (Software V erification and V alidation)

    • SE 410 (Software Evolution)

    • Two Computing Electives (any CS/INFO/SE course at the 300+ level)