PhD. Program Overview

The Drexel Ph.D. in Computer Science is designed to prepare students for leadership careers in research and education in computer science and interdisciplinary work using computer science.

Research Activities and Research Facilities

The department has 14 tenure-track faculty participating in a seven departmental research groups in the following areas: artificial intelligence, computer graphics, computer science education, computer vision, human-computer interaction, information assurance and security, networks, scientific computing, and software engineering. Each group involves undergraduate and graduate students in its research efforts. The department endeavors to provide a working environment fostering excellence in research, with a particular view towards expertise in problem areas requiring a multi-disciplinary approach including computer science. Research opportunities for computer science students also exist in some of the multi-departmental research areas that include computer science faculty such as bioinformatics, electrical power engineering, web-based mathematics education, and computer-aided engineering and manufacturing design.

The department’s research labs, located within the buildings of the College of Engineering, are fully equipped with computers and special-purpose instrumentation. The research support infrastructure includes a departmental system administration staff and high-speed access to Internet and Internet2. Drexel was the first U.S. university to provide wireless networking covering its entire campus.

The department’s research groups are further described the department’s research web pages.

Degree Requirements

The degree requires 90 credits (45 credits if the applicant already has a master’s degree in computer science or a related technical field), including three mandatory breadth courses, three flexible breadth courses, four intermediate or advanced courses, three advanced courses and nine credits of independent study in a field of specialization. The degree requirements also include successful completion of four milestones: qualifying courses, a written and oral candidacy exam, a thesis proposal exam, and a thesis defense.

Financial Aid

The Department has a number of teaching and research assistantships available for its full-time students. In 2012-13, the starting stipend for assistants was $20,000 for the nine month period (September-June), as well as tuition remission for up to two courses per term. Summer employment opportunities also exist. The University encourages students to explore and apply for external and internal fellowships, scholarships, and grants, some of which are described at the Drexel University College of Engineering [External Link] web site . The department currently has approximately 30 supported full-time students in its graduate program.

Application Procedures

Those interested may apply on-line at the Drexel Graduate Admissions website. Applications must include transcripts of all prior undergraduate and graduate coursework, the GRE examination scores, two letters of recommendation, a personal essay, and, for international students, the TOEFL score. The results of the GRE subject examination in computer science are not required, but are helpful. Successful applicants will show outstanding potential for excellence in computer science research. The department expects to admit approximately five new students into its Ph.D. program per year.

Application Deadlines

Applicants interested in receiving financial aid from the department should apply by January 1 for admission to the following fall term. Successful applicants will be notified by the end of the winter term (March 31). Self-supporting applicants should apply by September for fall admission and November 23 for winter admission.

For more information:

Drexel Admissions: 1-800-2-DREXEL or 215-895-6700. Email: Computer Science Department: The department’s main number.: 215 895 2669.