M.S. Thesis

The Master’s thesis is intended enhance the student’s creativity in solving real problems and to develop the student’s ability to follow a research project from idea to completion. An academic research thesis generally involves more than an industrial project: the goal is not merely to solve the specific problem, but also to understand its relevance to previous work and its broader impact on society. It is the responsibility of the student to find a thesis supervisor; the student is strongly urged to meet as soon as possible with faculty members working in the area of interest and to discuss research topics on which he/she might work. Usually students pursuing a Master’s Thesis will first do three credits of independent study (CS 690) or research (CS 997) to obtain background knowledge required by the thesis topic, followed by three Master’s Thesis credits (CS 898). Six credits all together are taken and applied to the degree in order to conduct thesis-related research and to write and defend the thesis.

The thesis requirement is fulfilled by the preparation of a written thesis, a public presentation of the research, and an oral defense before the thesis committee. The thesis committee must have at least three members, two of which must be tenured/tenure-track Computer Science faculty. The M.S. Thesis Committee form must be submitted three weeks prior to the defense and is subject to approval by the Graduate Advisor. The thesis must be submitted, with the approval of the thesis advisor, to the committee three weeks in advance of the defense. A title and abstract of the thesis must also be provided to the Graduate Program Coordinator three weeks before the defense so that the public presentation can be adequately publicized. The thesis committee makes the final decision on the acceptability of the thesis. A final complete copy of the thesis must be given to the Graduate Programs Coordinator at least one week before the thesis is defended.

A completed thesis is a formal document, hard-bound and stored in the University library. The rules regulating printing, format and binding are available in the University Graduate Office or the Drexel University Library. Before a student can be cleared for graduation, a receipt for the thesis must be signed by the Librarian and returned to the Graduate Program Coordinator.