George Hill, Jr. Endowed Fellowship

The George Hill, Jr. Endowed Fellowship, established in 1991, is awarded to qualified Ph.D. candidates in the College of Engineering. Recipients will have proven excellence in their undergraduate and graduate careers and be able to demonstrate their potential to achieve academic excellence at the Ph.D. level. Preference will be given to students pursuing a career in academia.

2010 Computer Science Fellow

Geoff Oxholm
Geoff Oxholm image

Geoff is a Ph.D. student working with CS Professor Dr. Ko Nishino. Oxholm’s current research is in the automated reassembly of broken pottery. Working closely with National Park Service archaeologists, Oxholm has digitized several colonial artifacts which were unearthed in Philadelphia’s recent excavation of the National Constitution Center. Using 3D models of each fragment, his software is able to identify which pieces fit together and can virtually reassemble whole vessels.

2009 Computer Science Fellow

Walter Mankowski

Walter Mankowski imageWalt is a Ph.D student working with CS Professors Dr. Dario Salvucci and Dr. Ali Shokoufandeh. His research interests involve applying pattern recognition algorithms from the fields of image analysis and computer vision to the study of human behavior and cognition. Walt received his B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania. He worked in the software industry for 19 years before returning to academia, including positions at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, QVC and the Wistar Institute.

2008 Computer Science Fellow

Manolya Eyiyurekli

Manolya image Manolya is a Ph.D. student working with CS Professor Dr. David Breen. Her current research focuses on developing the data structures, algorithms and interaction techniques needed for interactive level set modeling. A level set model is a type of dynamic, deformable implicit surface that can be used both to create special effects for computer animation and to process 3D medical image datasets. For her Drexel MS thesis, Manolya developed a computational model for simulating chemotaxis-based cell aggregation. Before coming to Drexel, she received a BS in Computer Science from Isik University in Istanbul, Turkey.