Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry offers the Bachelor of Arts degree program for students who want flexibility in the selection of courses in other fields of science in addition to basic education in chemistry. The Bachelor of Arts degree is designed for a student who seeks a solid background in chemistry in order to enter medical school or some other field related to chemistry. The BA in chemistry is less demanding mathematically, compared to the BS There is substantial flexibility in course selection due to the large number of electives. 

Besides providing a solid foundation in the sciences for premedical students, this BA degree program is also suitable for those aspiring to careers in biotechnology, forensic chemistry, and environmental chemistry. Graduates might opt to work as laboratory technicians in the pharmaceutical industry, as research assistants in medical school science departments such as toxicology or biochemistry, or as technicians in biotechnology firms.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts Degree: 184.0 credits

Recommended Plan of Study

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry: Four Year, No Co-op