Biology Graduate Student Association

The Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA) was established in 2005 to provide a forum for information exchange between graduate students, faculty, and administration. This includes issues such as the following: course development, teaching and research assistant responsibilities, department research environment and activities, and expectations for degree fulfillment.

The BGSA's mission is: to encourage an active social environment among existing, new, and prospective graduate students; to elevate the academic experience for both graduate and undergraduate students in the Department of Biology; to advance the research environment; to promote service in the surrounding community; and to set the stage for high-quality graduate student and faculty recruitment.

The BGSA is an organization that falls under the auspices of the university-wide Graduate Student Association. Through this affiliation, BGSA obtains funding for activities and promotes communication between graduate students in the Department of Biology and the rest of the University. The Department of Biology is a very diverse group, with research interests in molecular biology, immunology, ecology, paleobiology, and more. The BGSA fosters communication among the graduate students within the Department.

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2014-2015 Officers:

President: Lee Dolat
Vice President: Jasmine Alexander
Secretary: Eva Karasmanis
Treasurer: Lauren Klabonski
Social Chair: Greg Wenk
Community Chair: Kaitlin Baudier
Secretary: Anna Jaworski
Faculty Advisor: Jacob Russell, PhD