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Call for STEM Presenters at Start Talking Science 2015

April 23, 2015
Start Talking Science

Drexel faculty in the STEM fields are invited to submit their research for consideration at Start Talking Science 2015, a free public event where researchers present non-technical posters to local students and the community in order to make STEM research more accessible....

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Drexel Snapshot: Geology Class Digs into Earth Science on Instagram

April 23, 2015
GEO 103 class characterizing the nature of the sediments of the Cohansey Formation in the NJ Pinelands. #geo103rocks #drexelcoas #acadnatsci #talkinboutrocks

On a beautiful spring day, it’s not unusual for college students to ask to hold class outside. But this spring term, Ted Daeschler’s GEO 103 class, “Intro to Field Methods in Earth Science,” is all outdoors, all the time....

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Famous Fish Fossil Goes on Display

April 10, 2015
Famous Fish Fossil

A group of remarkably well-preserved fossils that demonstrate the evolutionary transition from finned to limbed animals—and that made world headlines—is heading back to Canada, but not before the fossils get a proper send-off....

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Study of African Birds Reveals Hotbed of Malaria Parasite Diversity

April 09, 2015
African Pygmy Kingfisher

When you think of tropical biodiversity, you may picture flocks of colorful birds flitting through lush foliage—but what you are less likely to imagine is the plethora of parasites and pathogens pulsing through the bloodstreams of those birds. Among these microscopic organisms are Plasmodium par...

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Freshwater Mussels, their Role in Local Waterways on Display in Lecture and Exhibit at the Wagner Free Institute of Science

February 10, 2015
Freshwater Mussels from the Unionidae Collection at the Wagner Free Institute of Science

On February 26, 2015 at 6:00 PM the Wagner Free Institute of Science will host Aquatic Underdogs: How Freshwater Mussels Can Help Save our Great Waters, an illustrated presentation by Danielle Kreeger, PhD, BEES Research Associate Professor and Science Director for the Partnership for the Delaware E...

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