Dear Members of the Drexel Community,

Saturday’s horrific terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas militants from Gaza has induced intense anger, fear, and anguish within our community. I join with all of you in mourning the loss of innocent life, in worrying about the fate of abducted Israelis held captive in Gaza, and in dreading the bloodshed and devastation yet to come. To all who are frantically worried for the safety of friends and loved ones in harm’s way in Israel and Gaza, we offer our moral and practical support, including all University counseling services.

We also stand in support and solidarity with our friends and colleagues at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, located just 25 miles from the Gaza border, with whom we have a close and thriving partnership. Yesterday, I wrote to their president, Daniel Chamovitz, and offered our condolences and support, and let him know that the Drexel community stands with the Ben Gurion University during this difficult time.

As we brace for more tragic developments in the war between Israel and Hamas, we will pray for an end to the cycle of bloodshed and suffering and for the peace that has eluded that part of the world as long as most of us have been alive. At the same time, we continue to defend academic freedom, encourage free intellectual inquiry and robust debate, and maximize exposure to diverse ideas and perspectives. By doing so, we honor our academic mission both to deepen our understanding of this tragic and complicated conflict, and to do what we can to lessen the amount of suffering throughout the world.


John Fry

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