Dear Drexel Students and Colleagues,

A group of Drexel students has assembled peacefully in the Main Building over the past two days to protest the proposed sale of University City Townhomes by a private developer following the expiration of the owner’s affordable housing contract with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The UC Townhomes are located at 3900 Market Street west of Drexel’s campus. While the University has not been involved in the sale or purchase of the townhomes, we recognize that this is a complex and challenging situation. Consequently, I have met with several UC Townhomes residents to learn directly from them about their experiences and to hear their ideas about how the University can be supportive.

As a dynamically diverse university community, we encourage free inquiry, open discussion and robust debate — with mutual respect. In that spirit, we will continue to safeguard the right of student protestors to assemble peacefully without violating any University policies or disrupting classes or regular operations. Going forward, we will also continue to engage UC Townhomes residents and their stated concerns directly.


John Fry

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