Dear Students and Colleagues,

We are excited to report that Drexel University and Lockheed Martin will expand their long-standing partnership this fall by opening an on-campus technology and innovation incubator and launching a new STEM careers rotational co-op program. Spearheaded by the Drexel Solutions Institute, the expanded partnership will generate new experiential learning and research opportunities for Drexel students and faculty. This partnership also will furnish upskilling and training opportunities for employees of Lockheed Martin, a global security and aerospace company that employs approximately 114,000 people worldwide.

The technology and innovation incubator will serve as an on-campus hub for faculty and students to engage and innovate alongside Lockheed Martin employees. Lockheed Martin and Drexel faculty will explore areas of collaboration in materials science, advanced communication systems and 3D modeling — areas that are important for the development of several Lockheed Martin mission portfolios in the Delaware Valley.

In addition to pursuing research assistantships and other opportunities, Drexel students accepted into the new program can participate in three paid engineering and computer science co-op rotations. This program will follow the model of early-career Leadership Development Programs at Lockheed Martin that offer exposure to multiple roles across the business, broaden technical knowledge, and provide leadership training and networking opportunities.

Through this partnership, both organizations will also seek to develop diverse local talent pipelines and create STEM education programs in underserved communities in Philadelphia, building on Lockheed’s ongoing commitment to create a competitive and diverse STEM workforce. Additionally, Drexel will also expand its current tuition discount program available to Lockheed Martin employees interested in professional development and upskilling opportunities.

Facilitated by the Drexel Solutions Institute, this expanded collaboration with Lockheed Martin illustrates the University’s strategic focus on academic-industry partnerships and the innovative expansion of our co-op model. Building on Drexel’s history of partnership through co-op, DSI is working across the University to develop more comprehensive partnerships that integrate academics, research, experiential learning, talent development and more to better position our students, faculty, professional staff and partners for long-term success.


John Fry

Paul E. Jensen
Executive Vice President
Nina Henderson Provost

Anna Koulas
Vice President
Drexel Solutions Institute

Rajneesh Suri
Interim Senior Vice Provost for Academic Industry Partnerships
Office of the Provost

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