Dear Students and Colleagues,

We realize that these have been trying times for Drexel students and their families, full of uncertainty, anxiety and many adjustments. All of us have been faced with challenges along the way, but Drexel remains committed to doing everything we can to support our students in every manner possible. That’s why we are pleased to announce that the Drexel Board of Trustees has approved a tuition freeze for undergraduate students effective for the fall 2021 quarter, which will keep tuition costs in line with spring 2021 rates.

This freeze has been implemented even though significant investments have been made by the University over the last year to ensure the safety and well-being of students as they transition back to campus. Initially, we invested in the campus infrastructure to move to fully virtual learning, and we are continuing to take all necessary steps to bring our students back in the fall. Among the initiatives, we have developed advanced student health screening and testing procedures, conducted performance assessments of our HVAC systems, acquired CDC-approved cleaning and sanitation equipment, and installed partitioning and other physical barriers to encourage social distancing in high-traffic areas around campus. And we just applied to the city to become a vaccine distribution center.

In support of these initiatives — but not starting until the winter 2022 term — the trustees have approved a tuition increase of 2.5 percent for undergraduate students. We remain committed to investing in student aid — with more than $300 million in annual undergraduate support — to assist students with the cost of their education. As always, we intend to manage expenses prudently, prioritize strategic investments, and efficiently operate the University while ensuring that students remain positioned to excel.

Our hope is that the tuition freeze for the fall 2021 quarter will provide a sense of relief and ease some of the hardships faced by undergraduates as they plan for the upcoming term. We are mindful of the lasting impact that COVID-19 is having on students and their families, and Drexel will continue to do all that we can to thoughtfully balance the costs associated with safeguarding everyone in the Drexel community. Our goal always is to align operations with guidelines established by Philadelphia public health officials, while maintaining our commitment to providing students with an exceptional educational experience.


John Fry

Helen Y. Bowman
Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer

Paul E. Jensen, PhD
Executive Vice President and Nina Henderson Provost





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