Joint Statement: Continuing the Legacy of Alumnus Paul Peck

Highly motivated Drexel engineering students will continue to benefit from the integrated critical-thinking, problem solving, and research initiative launched through the generosity of information technology consultant and philanthropist Paul L. Peck ‘64, even as he graciously steps aside as the naming benefactor for the scholars’ program and the Peck Problem Solving Building.

The Paul Peck Scholars Program has enjoyed a number of notable successes through the diligence and hard work of numerous Drexel faculty and professional staff, and significant additional investments made by the University. In addition, the program has led to the development of new course offerings around leadership and enhanced co-op experiences.

Drexel is indebted to Paul for his support of academic learning, which has been recognized in the scholars’ program as well as in naming of an academic building. To provide fundraising flexibility and additional benefit to Drexel, he no longer will be a naming benefactor by mutual accord. Paul’s contributions to the scholarly advancement of Drexel students will be lastingly recognized on a campus plaque and through the alumni center that bears his name. The Peck Problem Solving Building will revert back to its original name, the Academic Building.

Drexel extends its deepest gratitude to Paul.

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