Ellucian Banner® is an integrated administrative suite of higher education software products. It is the Drexel University official system of record for admissions and recruitment, student, financial aid, finance, and human resources information.

Application Functionality:

Banner is a tightly integrated suite of proven, scalable, enterprise-wide applications on a single database. 

  • Streamlines administrative processes, reduces paperwork, and increases staff productivity  
  • Keeps staff on top of operational activities  
  • Fuses administrative and academic functions that make it easy to manage data 
  • Provides secure, 24/7, online access to information forall key stakeholders
  • Keeps the institution in compliance with requirements from outside agencies


New Features:  


Personal Settings

Use the personal settings to define the initial page and to configure sign out confirmation.

The Personal Settings link is under the user profile icon. It has the following settings:

Do you need sign out confirmation? - Select Yes if you want users to be prompted with a confirmation message when signing out of Application Navigator. The default setting is No.

Preferred initial page - This is the first page that will be opened for the user when they log into Application Navigator. Users can identify the page description or seven-letter identifier for an Administrative page.



The Favorites icon, indicated by a star on the left side menu, is used to add frequently accessed pages to a list for easy access. Click the star icon to see the list of favorites. You can add any of the pages or objects listed under the applications menu as a favorite by clicking on the star icon alongside that object. To remove the object from the list of favorites, click the star icon alongside it in the favorites list.