Interactive Digital Media

Interactive Digital Media

Interactive Digital Media Reel 2013
Interactive Digital Media Student Work Reel

Mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android phones have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Billions of users worldwide are using these new technologies and applications to organize their everyday life, as well as for entertainment and education. And, with vast amounts of data being migrated to the ‘cloud’ to better serve consumer and industry demands, employers in these rapidly growing industries are looking for young talent with the skill sets to create fully dynamic online experiences that involve touch-based interaction, gestural technology and other technological advances. 

The Interactive Digital Media major at Drexel University prepares students for these exciting and ever-changing fields. Our educational approach teaches best industry practices, where web developers are often in charge of the design, development and implementation of online content. We provide students with a comprehensive understanding of aesthetics and visual design in creating user interfaces, as well as the technical knowledge to program both the front- and back-end systems that bring interactive content to life. The Interactive Digital Media education involves rigorous coursework in many areas of specialization, including interface design, vector and bitmap editing, programming, content development, information architecture, usability testing, 2D games, and animation. In their coursework, students will develop web based and native applications for mobile devices, technologically advanced web sites, content management systems, rich Internet applications, server technologies that drive aesthetic content, and emerging technologies. 

We have an established program. Founded in 1998, Drexel University’s Digital Media Program has grown into one of the most respected and highly ranked programs of its type in the country.

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