Church of Earthalujah

March 31, 2011 — Black and White Image of Rev Billy and Choir on red, white and blue background

Reverend Billy isn't your typical clergyman, with a message about consumerism, rather than religion and God.  Along with his Life After Shopping Gospel Choir, Reverend Billy is coming to Drexel on Thursday, March 31st at 7 PM in Behrakis Grand Hall, to give a new performance about the Church of Earthalujah!  The message is family friendly but big bank deadly – especially for banks that finance CO-2 emissions through mountaintop removal, hydro-fracking, super malls and shipping sweatshop products long distances in fossil fuel-burning engines.  Reverend Billy, performing with nearly a dozen members of the Life After Shopping Gospel Choir, takes a look at planet earth, declaring that the tsunamis, fires, droughts, earthquakes and typhoons are not natural disasters but shout-outs from this big living thing we're all a part of – Earthalujah! 

The event is co-presented by the Kal and Lucille Rudman Institute for Entertainment Industry Studies and Asbury Ministry. It’s free for Drexel students and $5 (cash only at the door) for the general public. Click here for more information on Reverend Billy.