Co-op Profile: Sabryna Gancarz

November 12, 2008 — Co-Op in Ireland

Drexel co-ops send students out to work the world over. This summer, Interior Design student Sabryna Gancarz worked for an architectural firm on the Greek island of Crete where she assisted architects and interior designers on small scale commercial project including a local fitness center. However, Sabryna did much more than work while in Crete.

Sabryna reveled in Crete's Venetian and Isalmic-influenced architecture. Her co-op was a world away from our Philadelphia campus and her upbringing in suburban Maryland. Naturally, she spent weekends camping on beaches, rumbling in the ruins at Knossos, and exploring Greece's incredibly beautiful Mediterranean islands. "It was the best thing I have done with my life so far," she said. "You really have to be flexible and creative. In Crete, there are no standard sizes for things like doorways, windows and stairs." Other Westphal students have had incredible co-op experiences in Scotland, Ireland, India, Germany and Japan.