Anne Cecil

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Anne Cecil
Teaching Professor
URBN Center, 110E
Phone: 215-895-0361
Fax: 215-895-1779

A design thinker, innovator and change agent for over 30 years, Anne has taken a lead role in expanding student's opportunities for inter-disciplinary course work, the international study program and the global classroom. Her close involvement with such organizations as the Corzo Center, Project Home, South Street Business Association and the Enterprise Center has built relationships that continue to provide community-based, experiential professional opportunities for students.

Ms. Cecil has held a variety of positions with Steinbach's, Bloomingdale's, John Wanamaker's, and J.G. Hook. Her freelance design business, founded in 1987, continues to produce and sell fashion and home accessories in various media including knitwear, millinery, and paper, as well as offering a variety of consulting services.

As a professional educator with more than 25 years of teaching experience, Ms. Cecil lectures locally, nationally and internationally on a variety of topics: Visual Merchandising, Popular Culture, Online Learning and Technostress. An avid researcher, Ms. Cecil Chairs the Punk Culture Area for the Popular Culture Association where she has consistently grown area participation and is spearheading an effort to legitimize punk research in the academic arena.

With specialties in Visual Merchandising, Branding, sustainability, computer-based courses/online learning and Social Media, Ms. Cecil offers a cross-institutional global classroom with her colleague, Dr. Anne Pierson-Smith at City University of Hong Kong. Students from each institution learn, and collaborate via the internet.

Entrepreneurial energy, exploratory nature and a thirst for knowledge keep Ms. Cecil abreast of macro and micro trends in the areas of Art, Design, Fashion and Lifestyle.  Ms. Cecil’s most recent creative endeavor, Fashion Matters is a collaboration between Anne Cecil & Philadelphia personality Phillip Silverstone. Each week the two discuss how Fashion touches our lives. Her thoughts can be heard on Time Out with Phillip Silverstone via TuneIn Radio

M.A., University of the Arts - Art Education; B.S., Drexel University - Design & Merchandising