Research Participation in Psychology Studies

Note: Please follow all instructions to ensure you receive extra credit

  1. Login - Go to On the bottom left hand corner of the screen click on “Request a new Account.”  (If you already have an account, please just log-in with your username and password and skip to step 5. You will be asked to update your courses.)
  2. Fill out the required information - To ensure that you receive extra credit, enter your Drexel email username when it asks for your user ID. For example, if your email address is, your user ID would be aaa11. When entering your email address, please enter your Drexel University email address. Also, be sure to choose the correct course and section number that you are enrolled in for the current term. If you are enrolled in more than one course that is offering extra credit through Sona Systems, press down the “Ctrl” button and click on all courses you are enrolled in. If you need to add a course after you have created an account, please do so after logging in (steps 3 & 4). Click on “My Profile” and at the bottom of the page, you can add or remove courses.
  3. Retrieve your password - Check your Drexel email account and retrieve your password. Go back to the Sona Systems website listed in step 1 and login.  (After logging in, you can change your password by going to “My Profile.”).
  4. Read and review - After logging in, read through and review the IRB human subject policy for research. Note that a phone number is provided if you have any questions.
  5. Click on “Study Sign-Up.” Click any of these studies to read more about them. Be sure to pay attention to eligibility requirements and any sign-up deadlines that might be listed.
  6. Follow study-specific instructions - If you meet all eligibility requirements, follow those instructions. You may be asked to do one of the following things:
    • Participate in an online study directly through Sona Systems
    • Participate in an external online study in which the researcher will ask you to click on a web link that will send you to their survey outside of Sona Systems.
    • Sign up for a time to meet the researcher in person to complete the study. Choose a time slot that is convenient for you, and click Sign Up.  A researcher will be waiting for you so if you cannot make your appointment, please be sure to cancel it or email the research coordinator of the study to reschedule if it’s too late to cancel on the system.
    • If these options are not available, call or email the researcher if you are interested in participating in their study.

    **Please note that if your instructor provides you with the option of receiving extra credit by signing up for studies, you must complete studies by the end of Week 10 to ensure that you will receive credit**

  7. Receiving credit - Upon completion, the researcher of the study will record your extra credit points in the system. You can track your extra credit points by clicking on the “My Studies and Credits” link on the main page. There are a few instances in which you may not see credit until after the last week of classes. You should see all credits earned in Sona Systems by the first day of Finals Week. However, if you have any questions or concerns about receiving credit for any particular study, please contact the researcher directly.

    *Also please note that if you are enrolled in multiple courses, you can click on “My Schedule/Credits” and assign the extra credit points to a particular course. The same extra credit points earned cannot be assigned to multiple courses.*

  8. Log out - When you are done using the system, choose "Log Out" from the toolbar on the left side to log out. You are now logged out. It is always a good security measure to close all your browser windows as well, especially if you are using a computer that is shared by others.