Co-op Experiences

Co-op Opportunities in Psychology

Co-op provides a great way to gain experience in the world of work by acquiring important skills, knowledge, and networking opportunities. Placements in research units of academic settings, school districts, independent research institutes, as well as some opportunities in labs of our faculty provide you with great research work experience. APA ethical guidelines prevent undergraduate students from direct contact with clinical populations, but sometimes there are opportunities for indirect interactions in intake and data collection settings. Some Co-op experiences are nonpaid as some of the psychological services are provided by non-profit organizations that may not be able to afford to pay students.

Our program, in conjunction with the Steinbright Career Development Center (SCDC), strives to provide every psychology major with a satisfying experience and works with students to creatively solve non-paid positions and APA guidelines issues. For further information about Co-op check with the SCDC or call 215.895.2185 and ask for the coop coordinator for psychology/social sciences.

Please note: A student enrolled in the Accelerated MS program cannot also take a co-op.

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