Description of Typical First Year

In the first year, ACBS students will take three 3-credit courses per term, totaling 27 credits. (The 1-credit Psy 560 Teaching of Psychology course does not count toward this total.) In addition to Data Analysis III, ACBS students are expected to take an additional 6 credit hours in the Spring Term of the first year, which may be fulfilled by taking elective courses and/or research credits. Courses eligible to count as electives include (but are not limited to): Psychology of Problem Solving and Creativity; Judgment and Decision Making; Learning and Memory, Psycholinguistics, and so forth (including courses in other Departments, Schools, and Colleges within the University, by permission of the student’s mentor and the Program Director).

Description of Typical Second Year

ACBS students will take no fewer than 18 credits and no more than 21 credits in the second year. (The University requires that students take a total of at least 45 credits for the MS degree and to sit for the comprehensive examination for doctoral candidacy.) Students must take the two 3-credit courses specified below, two additional 3-credit elective courses, and up to 9 additional credits which can be either research credits (PSY 898: MS Thesis in Psychology) or PSY 865: Independent Study/Directed Reading, to be determined in consultation with the mentor and Program Director. Thus, students will take up to 21, but no less than 18, credits in the second year. One of the two required courses to be taken in Year 2 is an additional advanced statistics course selected from an approved list. Options include Psy 811: Multi-Level Regression (offered during alternating years). Other advanced statistics courses offered in Psychology or in other Departments or Schools within the University will qualify (by approval of the student’s mentor and the Program Director). The other required course is Introduction to Computational Modeling. (Introduction to Computational Modeling alternates with the Computer Based Research Methods course – students take whichever of these courses is offered in their first year and the other in their second year.)

After the second year, the student focuses mostly on research.

Required ACBS courses are listed below:

  • PSY 512: Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 532: Introduction to Computational Modeling
  • PSY 560: Teaching of Psychology (1-credit course)
  • PSY 812: Cognitive Neuroscience
  • PSY 610: Data Analysis in Psychology
  • PSY 611 Computer Based Research Methods for Psychological Research
  • PSY 710: Data Analysis II
  • PSY 711: Data Analysis III
  • PSY 898: Master's Thesis in Psychology
  • PSY 998: Dissertation in Psychology