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Activities & Clubs

Drexel University College of Medicine students performing at the annual Pediatric AIDS Benefit Concert.

There are over 65 recognized student groups each academic year at the College of Medicine. Student organizations on campus include community outreach groups, medical student associations, fitness programs, medical student cultural and lifestyle clubs, literary and musical organizations.

The College of Medicine's Student Government Association holds an annual Student Activities Fair for new and current students to register and learn more about the different organizations.

The student organizations listed below are examples of clubs hosted by students and are often but not consistently recognized by the Office of Student Affairs and SGA. For a current list of currently recognized student organizations, please visit

Student Activities Center

The 17,620 sq. foot Student Activities Center greatly enhances the learning and living environment of the Queen Lane campus. Students have access to a student lounge; an outdoor patio and basketball court; the bookstore; student government and organization space; quiet study space; and a comprehensive fitness center with TVs, lockers, and showers. A multi-purpose room provides state-of-the art educational media and teleconferencing capability in a space that can be configured for lectures, exams, assemblies, dining, and entertainment.

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Associations and Interest Groups

While studying at Drexel, students may find themselves drawn to particular areas of interest within medicine and may wish to work with other students who share those interests. These medical student associations and career specialty groups allow students to build a support network to help guide their academic study. Some medical student associations and groups on campus include:

American Medical Association

The AMA has a robust House of Delegates consisting of representation from every State and medical society, a solid base of physician members, a thriving advocacy influence, the most revered journals and resources in medicine, and respected practice tools.

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

AMSA is a student-governed, national organization committed to representing the concerns of physicians-in-training. The goals of the AMSA Chapter at College of Medicine are to create opportunities for College of Medicine students to engage in activism and advocacy in health care and to provide resources for medical students to utilize throughout their medical education. We also serve as a mentor chapter for a local pre-medical chapter at Lehigh University. We hope to raise awareness of issues in our modern health care system and encourage students to take action in shaping the future of health care.

American Physician Scientists Association

The Drexel University College of Medicine American Physician Scientists Association Chapter was establish in 2015 with the goal of enriching the education path of medical and graduate students. College of Medicine is a wonderful place for learning and generously supports and encourages students to explore new opportunities. This APSA chapter exemplifies this. Our purpose is to promote academic and personal success, forge future leaders, and advance science and medicine within our community. We facilitate interaction with faculty members and medical professionals through participation in our monthly seminar series and our debate forum. We also provide opportunities to learn about grant writing, residency training programs, running a research laboratory, successfully managing transitions in medical training, and making the most of your medical education. All are welcome to attend and participate in our events, though APSA membership is encouraged.

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

SNMA is built on the core values of academic excellence, community service and advocacy. We work to give back not only to the community but also to mentor those underrepresented in medicine. We provide support to the MAPS chapter at Drexel to encourage them to pursue medicine. In the Spring, we try to get as many members to attend the Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC). This organization is a great networking opportunity for all students that attend DUCOM. We also strive to increase the number of culturally competent and socially conscious physicians.

Association for Women in Science (AWIS)

Drexel University is an institutional partner of the Association for Women in Science (AWIS). AWIS is an organization that is dedicated to helping women in STEM achieve their career objectives. AWIS reaches more than 20,000 professionals in STEM around the country and can help you improve networking among women in the scientific community.

A benefit of the Drexel-AWIS partnership is that any undergraduate or graduate student may sign up for a complimentary membership in AWIS National (known as a Collegiate Representative membership).

Once you have created a user name and entered the requested information, accept and then continue to complete the membership page. Under institution, select Drexel University and then indicate if you are a graduate or undergraduate student. If given the opportunity (this feature may not be available at this time) select AWIS-PHL (Philadelphia Chapter) as your local chapter affiliation.

For questions, please contact: Ellie Cantor, PhD,

Addiction Medicine Interest Geared Organization for Students (AMIGOS)

Medical students receive little to no training in addictions as part of their regular curriculum despite the fact that doctors encounter many patients with substance use disorders (SUDs). SUDs affect approximately 21 million Americans and are a major contributing factor to numerous other common chronic illnesses. To date, little change has occurred with regard to increasing medical education about addictive diseases to prepare physicians to treat these patients. The goal of our interest group is to provide our fellow peers with an interdisciplinary platform to increase their knowledge, awareness, and skills to assess for SUDs, treat the disease, and make appropriate referrals for treatment.


The Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG) is committed to providing students with opportunities for exploring anesthesiology as a field and career. We do this by facilitating student networking and clinical exposure. For example, we host events such as student-resident mixers, physician lectures and skills workshops! The AIG is supported by the Department of Anesthesiology and we are always interested in developing new events and resources.


The objective of the Cardiology Interest Group at the College of Medicine is to bring students together, who share an interest in the field of cardiology, to gain a better understanding of the nature of the field, learn about different routes to enter the specialty, and explore opportunities offered by our associated teaching hospitals. The interest group will host meetings, seminars, and panels to introduce students to current research findings as well as different sub-specialties, such as cardiothoracic surgery, cardiology, and pediatric cardiology. Additionally, the interest group will set up connections for students to participate in research, shadowing, and volunteer works in hospital settings for both adult and pediatric cardiology/cardiothoracic surgery. The interest group will establish connections with both Hahnemann University Hospital and St. Christopher Children's Hospital for participants to connect with attending physicians to gain mentorship. Lastly, a variety of fundraising events will be held throughout the academic year, with proceeds going to Save A Child's Heart Foundation. As a sub-specialty, there will be close collaboration with the Internal Medicine and Med Peds interest groups to organize major activities such as information meetings, conferences, and seminars.

Clinical Skills

The Clinical Skills Interest Group provides students the opportunity to develop their physical exam skills. We host multiple workshops throughout the year that cover essential aspects of the physical exam as well as other skills that will be helpful to students during their third and fourth year clerkships. Each workshop is led by a variety of local practicing physicians and residents who are all very willing to help students and provide unique insight into their specialties. Ultimately, the goal of the Clinical Skills Interest Group is to help our fellow students prepare for their clinical years and provide them with as much experience with the physical exam as possible.


The Dermatology Interest Group is committed to supporting, motivating and encouraging students interested in the field of Dermatology. We strive to inspire all students to inquire about dermatology as it pertains to their specialty interests and provide support in a variety of capacities to future dermatologists.

Emergency Medicine

The Emergency Medicine Interest Group is dedicated to advancing the interest of College of Medicine students in the field of Emergency Medicine. We hope to accomplish this by organizing shadowing opportunities, inviting speakers to discuss topics in Emergency Medicine and provide skills workshops.


The ENT Interest Group helps College of Medicine students learn more about the ENT specialty. We aim to connect interested students with the appropriate resources. In addition, we host educational events designed to expose students to the multi-faceted field of otolaryngology and to provide them with an opportunity to interact with ENT physicians.

Family Medicine

The Family Medicine Interest Group helps the student population at the College of Medicine to get more insight into the field of Family Medicine. We have events geared towards teaching about the specific field and how it is different from the other fields. We also provide opportunities to get involved in the club and other volunteering activities that fit the motto of family medicine. Another important aspect of this club is to provide hands on experience to students in medical procedural workshops such as knee and shoulder joint injection workshop.


The Gastroenterology Interest Group (GIG) aims to provide students with opportunities for deeper exploration of gastroenterology as a sub-specialty field and career. Currently, gastroenterology interest is facilitated through the Internal Medicine interest group, which deals with a broad spectrum of sub-specialties. Our group will focus solely on gastroenterology and offer students a stronger grasp of the field. We will do this by facilitating student networking and clinical exposure.

Global/Public Health

The Global/Public Health Interest Group aims to bring awareness of global and public health issues to the student body through guest speakers, seminars, panels, and journal clubs. We believe that understanding the essential links between the social, physical, and economic environments and the health of individual patients and their families will create better physicians. We also aim to promote community service activities and to introduce students to various opportunities to get involved in the field of global/public health, both at home and abroad.


The Heme/Onc Interest Group gives medical students an opportunity to learn more about the fields of hematology and oncology.

Infectious Disease

The Infectious Disease Interest Group aims to provide Drexel University College of Medicine students with the opportunity to learn about the field of infectious diseases and to connect students with faculty and peers interested in this field. The Infectious Disease Interest Group will hold a variety of meetings to introduce students to the different areas within the field of infectious diseases through speakers, shadowing, and other events. Additionally, we will partner with the Philadelphia-wide Infectious Disease Interest Group to allow students to connect with others in the field at different medical schools across Philadelphia.

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Interest Group welcomes all students who are interested in internal medicine and provide helpful insight into the field. We hold several events throughout the year such as bringing in guest speakers, holding clinical skills sessions, having speaker panels, hosting joint event with other interest groups, advertising research day and symposiums. We also provide shadowing opportunities to students to further explore into the sub-specialties of internal medicine. Through these myriad of different activities, the group strives to provide as many valuable information and experiences to students and give them the taste of internal medicine before they decide on their residency.

Interventional Radiology

Once a subspecialty of Radiology, Interventional Radiology (IR) is now on its way to becoming specialty of its own. After accreditation from the ACGME, a few IR Residency Programs will be able to participate in the 2016 Match with more to follow. The Interventional Radiology Interest Group at Drexel University College of Medicine aims to introduce students to the fast-growing field. IR is attractive in that it encompasses procedural as well as diagnostic medicine, requires a broad clinical knowledge base, and deals directly with new advancements in medical technologies.

Students interested in learning more about the group should send questions to

Medical Students for Choice

Today one of the greatest obstacles to safe and legal abortion around the world is the absence of trained providers. As medical students, we work to make reproductive health care, including abortion, a part of standard medical education. We provide workshops on conducting vacuum abortions, escort training, and various other areas of abortion education. Physicians have power, status, and prestige in nearly every culture and MSFC seeks to leverage that power in ways that promote our vision of reproductive health, justice, and rights around the world.

Military Medicine

The Military Medicine Interest Group serves the purpose of promoting interest in military medicine, recruiting highly motivated, interested students, increasing comraderie amongst all service branches and providing exceptional preparation of all future College of medicine military physicians so they may provide top-notch care to military service members in harm's way.


The goal of the Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) is to make medical students aware of opportunities available in the field of Neurology; to further neurologic knowledge of medical students; and to provide opportunities for medical students to participate in activities related to the field of Neurology including: discussions by Neurologists, patient presentations, seminars, journal clubs, learning materials and arranged shadowing of Neurologists in the workplace.


The purpose of the College of Medicine OB/GYN Interest Group is to allow medical students to learn more about the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology and meet other students with a similar interest. Our intention is to provide our fellow students with different opportunities to experience and learn more about what a career in OB/GYN entails. We hope to achieve this by providing our fellow students with shadowing, networking, and learning experiences to further enrich their time in medical school. The OB/GYN Interest Group would also like help our classmates learn more about obtaining residency positions in OB/GYN with expert panels and information sessions. Our ultimate goal is to help anyone with an interest in OB/GYN learn more about the field.


The purpose of the Drexel University College of Medicine Orthopedic Interest Group is to foster medical student interest in orthopedics by providing opportunities to participate in clinical, research, and educational activities in orthopedics.


The Pathology Interest Group's goal is to introduce and educate students about the field of pathology and all that it offers. We hope to highlight the various aspects and sub-specialties of pathology through talks, workshops, and shadowing opportunities in order to motivate students to consider pathology as a future specialty in their medical careers.


The Pediatric Interest Group aims to encourage medical students to explore the specialty of pediatrics. We hold many events throughout the academic year such as a Panel of Pediatricians, Rose Sale to raise awareness and money for Cystic Fibrosis and volunteer activities. Additionally, we have established relationships with many physicians from several pediatrics specialties at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, such as General Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Pediatric Neurology, and Pediatric Hematology, so that medical students have extensive shadowing opportunities to further explore the field. This year we plan to add several events to get medical students involved and excited about pediatrics.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

The goals of the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation interest group include providing College of Medicine students with exposure to this small specialty, informing them of opportunities in the field as well as addressing common misperceptions, e.g. physiatry = physical therapy. Historically, few College of Medicine students have matched into this specialty, which doesn't have its own 4th year pathway at College of Medicine…yet. One of the main goals of the group is to try and change that. A physiatrist diagnoses, evaluates, and treats a vast diversity of patients who have physical disabilities. However, back pain and spinal injury are only the tip of the iceberg. Physiatrists also treat stroke patients, birth defects, and many more. In fact, there are many sub-specialties to choose from, including pain medicine, sports medicine, spinal cord injury medicine, and neuromuscular medicine. The group did have some logistical issues last year, but a shadowing program is in the works and should be fully functional by the Spring term. The Fall term will mainly consist of group meetings to introduce students to the specialty (and sub-specialties), meet PM&R residents and physicians, learn about summer opportunities for shadowing and research, and to network with other students interested in the field.

Primary Care Progress at Drexel

Primary Care Progress (PCP) is a national non-profit that is dedicated to bring all who are interested in the future of primary care together to promote and transform primary care as we know it. Drexel's own chapter aims to foster a community that encourages and guides students interested in primary care careers. It hopes to provide invaluable opportunities in which students can learn more about what it means to be in primary care, what primary care is, how it will change under new political climates, and other relevant issues in primary care. It also aims to provide a platform for an interdisciplinary dialogue between physicians, nurses, medical students, and physician assistants to collaborate on innovative ideas to tackle issues permeating today's primary care. Through monthly speaker series, discussions, and workshops, Primary Care Progress at Drexel hopes to improve primary care in our local community and inspire students' interest in primary care. This organization will be different from Family Medicine Interest Group or other primary care health interest groups as it will examine primary care as a whole. It will also provide opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations, which other groups do not.

Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis

The Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis Interest Group at Drexel University College of Medicine aims to stimulate and cultivate student interests in psychiatry ranging from all forms of psychiatric treatment to the philosophical underpinnings of the field. As such, we offer opportunities for clinical exposure to psychiatry, reading group meetings at which we discuss psychiatric works and texts, film screenings at which the merits of popular depictions of mental illness are discussed, and speaker events in which individuals from both inside and outside the Drexel system inform us about a variety of topics relevant to psychiatry. We are also interested in engaging with the greater Philadelphia community to spread mental health awareness through educational outreach projects and fundraising efforts for organizations committed to understanding and treating mental illness.

Radiation Oncology

The purpose of the Radiation Oncology Interest Group is to educate medical students on the growing field and the scope of radiation oncology. Radiation oncology is a small, competitive field with limited exposure in the medical curriculum. Therefore, students are often not aware of what it entails or find it difficult to be involved. Unlike hematology-oncology, radiation oncology deals with the treatment of cancer specifically through the use of radiation. Radiation is a great tool, but one that must be used with precision and care. The goal of this group is to provide students with a better understanding of radiation oncology through shadowing experiences, faculty presentations, research opportunities and practical workshops and to develop a strong network of physicians and researchers within the field.


Radiology Interest Group will give students an overview of the Radiology, which will include demonstrations of techniques and lectures.

Sports Medicine

The goal of the College of Medicine Sports Medicine Interest Group (SMIG) is to provide College of Medicine students with the opportunity to explore and learn about the dynamic field of Sports Medicine. We hope to organize activities that will allow students the chance to interact with Faculty and Residents in Sports Medicine in various settings including lectures to stimulate learning and interest, shadowing to provide firsthand experience in the life of a Sports Medicine physician, and workshops to allow for practice and application of clinical skills (such as a musculoskeletal ultrasound workshop).


Cardiothoracic Surgery

The Cardiothoracic Surgery Interest Group will serve to inform the student body about this field of medicine as well as provide opportunities to advance their interests in cardiothoracic surgery. We will be bringing in various physicians in the field to come in and present their knowledge of the field. This is to give the students an idea of what the field is like and get more information on how to get started even as early as the first year of medical school. Additionally, we plan to arrange for interactive sessions with either the residents or senior surgeons under the Cardiothoracic Department to go through theoretical or real life cases with the students so that they might gain even more of an idea of what everyday life is like as a surgeon. We will work to ensure that the student population gets an informative and positive experience from this interest group. In short, the overall goal of this group will be to expose students to the field of cardiothoracic surgery.

Neurological Surgery

The purpose of the Drexel Neurological Surgery Interest Group is to expose College of Medicine medical students to the field of neurosurgery as well as provide career guidance and networking opportunists to those interested in pursuing this specialty.

Plastic Surgery

The Plastic Surgery Interest Group is dedicated to exposing and educating medical students on the specialty of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. We open the group to students who have decided to pursue this specialty, as well as those with undecided career paths. Our plan is impart knowledge, provide opportunities for shadowing and research, and offer continuous support to those who have chosen the field. The specialty of plastic surgery is a rapidly growing field with cosmetic and reconstructive procedures steadily increasing each year. Drexel University College of Medicine does not have a plastic surgery interest group, and it is our goal to establish this group for the benefit of our college's aspiring physicians. The group is broad enough to encompass a wide variety of subspecialties, yet well-targeted to those who desire to pursue the path in general.


The Surgery Interest Group provides exposure, resources, networking, and shadowing experience to students interested in a career in General Surgery and its sub specialties.

Transplant Surgery Observation Program

We intend to give students the opportunity to observe and assist surgeons in transplantation procedures, as well as giving unique surgical skill workshops.


The objective of the Urology Interest Group is to educate the medical school on the field of Urology. We would like to enlighten students about the specific work, lifestyle, and criteria for matching into the field of Urology. To do this, we plan on bringing in attending Urologic surgeons around the Philadelphia area to describe their work and day-to-day experiences as Urologic Surgeons. Furthermore, we would like to engage the students in the field of Urology by organizing shadowing experiences between students and attending surgeons in the area. Later in the year, we plan on inviting fourth year medical students that matched into the field to describe their experience with getting interested and subsequently matching into the field. We look forward to educating the medical school class on this wonderful specialty, and hope to increase interest in this competitive field.

Wilderness Medicine (WildMed)

The Wilderness Medicine Interest Group joins the many interests of our student body in outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, sports, climbing and other active hobbies with an added medical component. The uniqueness of wilderness medicine is in its utility across many different medical interests. Meaning, students interested in ER medicine, military medicine, surgery, general practice, etc., can now add another component to that specialty by relating their interest to the wilderness setting. The events that we envision include: attending a wilderness conference in York PA, going to an outdoor adventures and supplementing those trips with small outdoor medical skills, inviting guest lecturers to give demonstrations on how extreme environments alter the way traditional medicine can be practiced, and also inviting the Drexel Med community to contribute to the planning of events.

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Community Outreach

Many of our student organizations serve the local and global community. These organizations help provide health care and education to underserved populations in Philadelphia and other regions throughout the world. Some of our community outreach clubs include:


The main mission of the Medical Chapter of Drexel CHAMPS is to utilize interdisciplinary collaboration for the aid of the local Philadelphia community. The current site, for which we focus our efforts, is at the Eliza Shirley House. At this site, we work with the Public Health and Law School Chapters to serve the residents. We help host "Circle Discussions" with the mothers and "Kids Zone" with the children. Both events provide stress relief and educational focused discussions/talks for the health of the residents. Additionally, we help provide resident advocacy services.

Global Public Health


Healing Arts

The Healing Arts group does arts and crafts with children at the Ronald McDonald house in West Philadelphia/University City, to work to improve mental health and wellness in the community.

Health Career Academy

We are dedicated to the encouragement and education of pre-health, high school students. We work to educate students on common disease processes, healthy living, and awareness of a healthy lifestyle. We encourage students to become active in their own community through assisting them to plan and host their own health fair.

Health Outreach Project (HOP) Clinics

The Health Outreach Project clinics aim to prepare medical students to be excellent physicians while providing medical care to underserved populations in the Philadelphia area. Through our efforts at the Eliza Shirley, Salvation Army, StreetSide, and Arc clinics, as well as pop-up community events, underserved Philadelphia residents receive free, high quality medical care and other services from 1st and 2nd year medical students.

Jump Into Reading

Jump Into Reading provides Drexel medical students the chance to read to young children once a week throughout the course of the year. The program takes place at the Eliza Shirley House, which is a women's shelter located in Philadelphia. Because these kids are going through a difficult period in their lives, we hope to provide a safe and fun environment for them and hopefully instill in them a lifelong love of reading.

Mothers & Baby Dragons

The Mothers and Baby Dragons program connects underserved pregnant women with Drexel medical students throughout their pregnancy. These women may require additional resources to overcome the realities and dilemmas that they face during their pregnancy - be it physical, emotional, financial, cultural, etc. Drexel students will act as a health navigator for these women by attending prenatal visits, providing needed information and resources to help the mothers, being present for labor and delivery, and continued support postpartum. Students will help mothers work towards a healthy pregnancy by promoting appropriate weight gain, encouraging them to remain active, helping to explain the changes their bodies go through during pregnancy, and creating a plan to deal with things that may be making their pregnancy tougher. During this program, students will experience longitudinal primary care and gain first-hand insight to the daily struggles patients face while having a positive impact on the experience these women have during their pregnancy.

Promoting Achievement through Learning in Science (P.A.L.S.)

This program for graduate students is designed to expand critical thinking and promote global awareness for inner city middle school youth by exploring the scientific realm of the world. Through hands-on, scientific-based laboratory sessions and classroom sessions, Philadelphia youth will gain an understanding of the world-at-large. Elements of health and medicine are integrated in order to provide an understanding of the relationship between the human body and the world.

Pediatric AIDS Benefit

The Pediatric AIDS Benefit raises money for the Dorothy Mann Center for Pediatric and Adolescent HIV at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children throughout the year with several smaller events, culminating in a large concert in February of each year. Within the past 20 years, we have raised an estimated $500,000 to provide services, including emergency financial support, child-life specialists, dieticians, etc., to children affected by this devastating disease.

Surgicorps International

Surgicorps International is a medical mission organization with a purpose to provide medical and surgical care to disadvantaged individuals in underdeveloped countries. Having performed over 3,000 surgeries in 16 countries, and cared for even more patients with non-surgical needs, Surgicorps has changed lives all over the world. The purpose of the interest group is to raise awareness about international mission opportunities in medicine and link students to opportunities to get involved with Surgicorps International.

Women's Initiative in Medicine

Women's Initiative in Medicine (WIM) is a female mentorship/health care program where women from the College of Medicine mentor high school girls at North Light community center in Manayunk who have a desire to go into medicine or science. We lead fun health and science activities like teaching CPR and first aid, touring the College of Medicine anatomy lab, taking a trip to the SIM center, visiting the Mutter museum and hosting networking nights.

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Many Drexel University College of Medicine students have formed student groups to support their own unique histories, to foster academic advances within their own groups, as well as for personal and social support. Some diversity student groups on campus include:

Learn more about these groups.

American Medical Women's Association

The American Medical Women's Association is an organization, which functions at the local, national and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women's health. We achieve this by providing and developing leadership, advocacy, education, expertise, mentoring and strategic alliances. The College of Medicine chapter of AMWA executes several events each year to meet these goals and allows female students to connect with faculty members and each other.

Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)

APAMSA is a national organization that aims to address issues important to Asian-American medical students. Developed in 1993 by students concerned with problems that were largely ignored by existing organizations, APAMSA chapters were established at local schools to help students understand the unique challenges they faced as Asian Americans in medicine. The goal of the College of Medicine APAMSA is to provide community service in ongoing educational/outreach events for Hep B, cancer, diabetes (and more) within the Asian communities of Philadelphia as well as bring them closer to these communities.

Black Doctors Network

According to AAMC, only 4% of practicing physicians are African American. As a minority, shadowing and research opportunities can be very difficult to obtain. The goal of the Drexel Black Doctors Network is to have African American physicians from various specialties of medicine speak with students about their career path. Once a month a different physician would come to our school and share their perspective of the journey from education and research to clerkships and fellowships. In addition, we would like to provide an outlet for students to shadow practicing physicians from all over the Philadelphia area in different specialties. The ultimate goal is to be able to pair each student with a physician in the field of their interest to provide mentoring and support throughout the medical school process. We would like for this program to specifically encourage 1st and 2nd year students to become proactive in networking and further their involvement in the Philadelphia community. Our vision is for this program to build relationships between African American students and physicians that will last bound the four years at Drexel University College of Medicine.

Catholic Medical Association

The Catholic Medical Association provides community to Drexel Med's Catholic medical students and works within the community to promote the common good.

Chabad Student Group

The purpose of the Chabad Student Group is to provide an outlet for experiencing Judaism to the students at the College of Medicine within the framework of traditional Judaism. Our objectives include but are not limited to; educational, ritual and social activities.

Drexel Christian Medical Association (CMA)

Drexel CMA is a group that seeks to share the light and love of Jesus with all, and to encourage one another in our Christian faith. We work in partnership with MCO and CMDA, which are organizations that disciple healthcare students and seek to incorporate biblical principles into healthcare. We welcome all who are seeking to find out more about Christianity and how to live out one's faith in the medical field.

Drexel University Cultural Exchange (DUCE)

The Drexel University Cultural Exchange aims to broaden medical students' cultural awareness and give students an opportunity to experience cultures that are very different from their own. This club is open to students of any background who are eager to learn and experience a variety of different cultural practices. The College of Medicine community includes students with an array of cultural experiences that help contribute to its unparalleled diversity. DUCE hopes to harness that diversity and use it as a means to educate medical students about different cultures that they might encounter in the medical field. We hope to plan fun and educational events throughout the year to engage students in multicultural exploration and deepen a sense of understanding and collaboration that reaches far beyond an academic setting.

Latino Medical Student Association

To educate the public and one another about Latino health issues and advicate for public health policy. Also to promote awareness about social, political, and economic issues as they relate to Latino health.

LGBTQ People and Allies of Medicine

The purpose of our group is to collaborate, unify and strengthen the bonds between those of the LGBTQ community and our Allies within the field of medicine and the community. We will accomplish this by educating members in new and innovative avenues such as our annual Safe Zone training, and having speakers discuss relevant topics within the LGBTQ community related to medicine. Lastly, we hope to enrich fellow students and faculty within our culture by explaining how our history has shaped our present and future accomplishments.

Maimonides Student Group

The goal of the society is to welcome and support students by providing them with a sense of Jewish community. We organize lunch and dinner events to discuss relevant medical ethical issues from Jewish perspectives, as well as social and Jewish holiday programs. The society will discuss issues exploring medical ethics, practice, healthcare, and social issues in the context of Jewish culture and laws. The Maimonides student group is under the umbrella of Hillel International. The Maimonides Student group is open to all Drexel students and faculty.

Persian Student Organization

Celebrate and raise awareness about Persian culture amongst the Drexel and local community. We strive to orchestrate diverse activities (regular tea nights, soccer leagues, picnics, cultural celebrations, etc.) that unify the Persian community at and around Drexel. We will hopefully expand to local community service outreach as well.

South Asian Medical Student Association (SAMSA)

The purpose of the South Asian Medical Student Association is to foster a sense of community within the South Asian student body, as well as to increase awareness about the South Asian culture throughout the College of Medicine campus. We organize cultural shows, service events, movie nights and more, in order to accomplish this goal. All our events are open to all College of Medicine students, faculty and staff so that everyone can better understand and appreciate the South Asian culture. We also hope to use our platform as a means to encourage dialogue and communication between people of all cultures.

Women in Surgery

Women in Surgery celebrates the history of women surgeons and supports women who wish to pursue surgery by organizing mentorship and shadowing opportunities with surgical faculty members. We aim to be a resource for medical students as they explore surgical specialties, offering panel discussions with women surgeons and opportunities to talk one-on-one about challenges, advice, and lifestyle considerations. The group is open to all who are either interested in surgery or would like to learn more about women surgeons and their histories.

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Board Games Club

This is a student group dedicated to fostering peer wellness at the College of Medicine through recreational games. We will host weekly large group meetings to provide a forum for stress relief as well as to meet new people. We will have a collection of games but feel free to bring your own!

Culinary Club

Our club's purpose is to provide a social outlet where students can engage in fun culinary activities whether it be learning to cook or exploring the food scene of Philadelphia.

Garden Club

As gardners of Queen Lane Garden, we take care of hammocks, plants, BBQ and the shed. We provide a social outlet where students can learn to plant and have fun being outdoors.

Video Game Club

We'll be hosting days throughout the school year where students can play video games on the big screen. We know this can promote student wellness by offering times of relaxation, competition and fun. We want our students to come and meet other like-minded peers, foster a healthy competitive spirit and release some of the tension that medical school lays on our student body.

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Lecture Series

Current Events

The Current Events Club is a lecture series that gives attendees a rundown of what's been headlining the news with a focus on issues that directly relate to us as medical students. The lecture format is in a timeline-oriented, this-is-how-it-started-and-where-we-are-today format; essentially, it's current event Cliff's Notes on the topics that most pertain to us, given by lecturers who are experts in their field. As medical students, our free time is so scarce that people often go weeks without looking at a newspaper. The ultimate goal here is to educate people so that they're able to hold an intelligent conversation about headline news -- and hopefully to get some interesting speakers in to help us along.

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Music/the Arts

Art Club

In order to balance the science study and learning demands of medical education, we aim to use art as a medium to enhance the medical community environment and promote habits of self-care. We strive to provide a forum to express creativity in a way to maintain interest in humanistic life skills. These involvements can make better doctors who are enriched by what is called "habits of the heart", making them more compassionate doctors.

Healing Arts: Students and Trainees Learn the Power of Integrating Art and Medicine
Many students at the College of Medicine are finding that involvement with the arts helps to enhance their medical school experience and may benefit their future patients.


Classical is a group that aims to bring classical music to our peers and the wider Drexel Community. We have done this through our trips to concerts by the Philadelphia Orchestra and performances at the Academy of Vocal Arts, through the Music to My Ears CEE, and our Winter Recital. We have also been involved in coordinating music for the Golden Apple Awards. This year we also plan to organize a choir ensemble, open to the student body and faculty.

Doctor's Note

Doctor's Note is the College of Medicine's only a cappella group on campus. We learn songs during regularly-scheduled rehearsals and perform them at events throughout the year, such as the Pediatric AIDS Benefit Concert and the All-Med Philadelphia Charity A Cappella Concert. This year we hope to hold a concert of our own. The group provides medical and graduate students an ideal setting to showcase their musicianship and singing talents in a low stress environment.


The College of Medicine Hip-hop Dance Club aims to provide beginner dance instruction to all students interested in hip-hop dance. Our club will provide a way for students to exercise and a healthy method for medical students to relieve stress. We plan to meet every two weeks for an hour and teach basic dance moves. We also wanted to integrate our dance with medicine by possibly performing for children at the hospital and raise money for charity.

Medicine in Film and the Arts (MFA)

The Medicine in Film and the Arts (MFA) Interest Group provides a forum for students to discuss impressions and reactions to films and other art forms depicting topics of medicine and healthcare. Not only are films a great way to learn about historical and societal elements of medicine/healthcare in our culture, they can serve as the basis for rich discussion surrounding health topics and filmmakers' depictions of them. Film, in particular, wields an incredible ability to move audiences including physicians in training, providing a unique platform for learning and enrichment. MAF provides an opportunity to view medically related topics featured in the arts, not limited to film, and to explore the more intangible elements of medicine: emotions, spirituality, compassion and the stories of human trials and triumphs.

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Journal Club

The purpose of Journal Club is to provide a forum for attendees to learn about clinical/epidemiological research methods and statistics in the context of an interesting and potentially relevant article.

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Sports and Fitness

For the physically active student, the College of Medicine offers several team sports and fitness programs at varying levels of competition. The College's soccer, basketball, and volleyball teams compete with teams from other area medical schools. Students can also participate in less competitive activities like biking and running club. Some of our recreational and fitness clubs include:


The Aquatics Club benefits the College of Medicine community by providing a unique way for students and faculty to stay healthy. Swimming is a great way to exercise our cardiovascular health with minimal impact on joints, and can be used as a wellness tool.



The Bike Club is an all-levels group with the intention of bringing together those who already have an interest in riding, along with those who want to start! Through group rides we get to explore Philadelphia's scenery and get good exercise while having fun.

Drexel Outdoor Adventure Club

Drexel Outdoor Adventure Club provides outdoor adventures for students periodically throughout the year. We host social events in the outdoors that may be physically challenging, yet full of entertainment and energy. Events planned this year include hiking in local state parks, paintballing in NJ (a very popular event in the past), mountain biking and Laser Tag, among other possibilities. Drexel Outdoor Adventure Club provides a crisp break from studying by exploring the outdoors right at Philly's doorstep.


The Golf Club brings students together who share the same enthusiasm for the game of golf. The club organizes golf outings that are not only enjoyable, but also act as great networking opportunity for the student body. This group may be particularly beneficial for students looking to carpool to the many courses in the Philadelphia area. It is often difficult to find playing partners and rides and this club ia a perfect way to facilitate these issues.

Ice Hockey

Hockey Club

The Hockey Club exists to fulfill the hockey/ice skating/volunteering needs of the College of Medicine community. We organize outings for Flyer's games for students, hold an annual outdoor skating event every year, and organize ice time for those wanting to play hockey. In addition, we will be hosting volunteering opportunities in ice sled hockey as well as looking into organizing ice skating lessons for those wanting to learn.

Ice Hockey Club

The plan is to get some folks together to play puck. Either open hockey or if we have enough join an adult league.


The purpose of the College of Medicine Powerlifting Club is to provide students with the opportunity to learn the proper forms of bench-press, squats and deadlifts. Powerlifting is a strength-based sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weights in these exercises. Powerlifting can provide tremendous benefits such as increased bone strength, muscle growth and fat loss. However, learning the proper form for each exercise is critical in order to prevent injury. As medical students who spend the majority of their time studying, powerlifting can be a great recreational physical activity to learn. Powerlifting will provide a safe environment for students to learn the correct forms of powerlifting and for students to ask any questions they may have.

Rock Climbing

The purpose of the Rock Climbing Club is to introduce and cultivate a love of rock climbing among our fellow medical students. We organize introductory lessons, bouldering trips for experienced climbers and outdoor trips throughout the year. Rock climbing improves problem solving skills and helps us de-stress during the school year.


Running Club

Our running group serves to establish a community of runners, of all levels, at the College of Medicine. We will hold weekly runs of three-five miles in length and also participate in races around Philadelphia. Our goal is to provide a casual, non-intimidating environment for all types of runners in order to get students familiar with and excited about running around East Falls and Philadelphia.

Center City Running Club

CC Runners are affiliated with the original College of Medicine Running Club. We meet in Center City outside the Art Museum. Runners of all backgrounds and levels are encouraged to come out for a run as often or as sporadically as they want!


Soccer offers opportunities for College of Medicine students to relieve the stress of exams, by competing in organized leagues during the fall and winter seasons. During the fall, we play against medical and law schools at PCOM's fields, providing a means of communication with our peers in Philadelphia. During the winter, we play games weekly in Manayunk through Starfinder.


The purpose of the Intermural Softball Club is to encourage students to take a couple hours off each week and get outside for some fun physical activity. The Dugout Docs are also on the road to a championship; we will bring that trophy back to the College of Medicine.


A social squash club that arranges games on an ad-hoc basis. Join our Whatsapp Group to get updates and start games!


This group serves to bring together tennis players at the College of Medicine. The club helps advanced tennis players find hitting partners and tries to give beginner tennis players more opportunities to get into the game. Additionally, tournaments and other competitive events are held to increase the interest of the sport in the school.

Ultimate Frisbee

The Ultimate Frisbee Club allows students to enjoy the sport of ultimate frisbee amidst school. We will play pick-up games, have throwing clinics, play disc golf and more.


The Volleyball Club participates in the Drexel University intramural volleyball league in the spring. The club also sets up a net in the grass in the back yard on nice days to play some pick up games.


The Yoga Club provides free yoga classes to the student body to promote stress relief and wellness.

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