Frequently Asked Questions

Is the (general) GRE required?


Is there a minimum GRE score required?


Is the mathematics subject GRE required?


Is TOEFL required?

Yes, if you are a graduate of a non-U.S. institution.

Is there a minumum score TOEFL required?

Yes, 580/237 – iBT scores will be reviewed based on section scores and total scores.

Can I apply without GRE/TOEFL, etc. scores and be accepted provisionally?


I am an applicant from a non-U.S. institution. Can I be awarded a teaching assistantship?

Yes, but to teach at Drexel you must pass an examination of spoken english given by the university.

Can I see copies of the old qualifying exams?

Can I apply using unofficial transcripts?


I am a non-native speaker, but have an undergraduate degree from a U.S. institution. Do I need to take the examination of spoken english given by Drexel?


Who should I get my letters of recommendations from?

These letters should come from the professors that have taught your more advanced undergraduate courses or that you have had a research experience with. Letters from faculty who you have had for courses such as real analysis, abstract algebra or other advanced, proof based courses are especially important.

What do you like to see in a personal statement?

It is useful for you to include a discussion of what you covered in your advanced courses, and what textbooks you used for them.

What research areas does Drexel have activity in?

Our department has research activity in algebraic geometry, analysis, partial differential equations, numerical analysis, representation theory, optics, geometry, combinatorics, probability, mathematical biology. You should examine the research areas of our faculty for more details. We currently do NOT have any faculty doing research in statistics.

How can I take the undergraduate courses at Drexel to prepare me for graduate school at Drexel?

If you cannot enroll as an undergraduate, you may apply to take graduate courses as a non-matriculated student in the Goodwin College of Professional Studies.

I don't have an undergraduate degree in mathematics. Does it make sense for me to apply to graduate school in mathematics?

No, not unless you have taken equivalent courses to those required for an undergraduate degree. Generally this includes, beyond the standard 2 years of calculus and a term of linear algebra, such courses as real analysis, abstract algebra, complex variables, differential equations, and probability and statistics.

What are the time requirements for program completion?

Please see the policy on the Provost's web page for their time completion requirements.

Is there extra summer teaching available?

Sometimes, but summer teaching positions cannot be guaranteed since the number of courses being offered is variable.

I was rejected from your program. Is it possible to find out why?

No. The admissions process is confidential. While we do understand that it might be helpful for you to know what led to our decision you should bear in mind that a policy in which we did give such information could compromise the confidentiality of your letter writers.