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Revised and New HR Policies for College of Medicine Faculty and Professional Staff

The HR Policies project has been a work in progress for the last two years, which involved reviewing 40 policies that have not been updated since the merger between Drexel University and Drexel University College of Medicine.  While under review, about half of the 40 policies have been revised or are new. The policies for Drexel University College of Medicine will take effect on May 1, 2013 with information sessions to follow on the Center City and Queen Lane campuses! New policies for the Academy of Natural Sciences (ANS) will be forthcoming.

According to the terms and conditions of your employment at the College of Medicine, you are required to read and abide by all College of Medicine policies. Please take the time to become acclimated with the HR policies and use them as a guide when appropriate. The materially changed policies are listed below along with highlights of the major differences. All other policies contain format changes only.

Amorous Relationship Involving Athletics Department Personnel and Student Athletes (HR-46.01)

  • New
  • Mirrors NCAA’s model policy to prevent inappropriate relationships between student-athletes and athletic department personnel.

Attendance (HR-45)

  • Revised policy allows six occurrences within a “rolling” three month period

Background Checks (HR-52)

  • Outlines procedures and responsibilities involved for conducting background investigations for both newly hired and current employees
  • Stipulates provisions for more extensive background checks to comply with the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Act

Bereavement Leave (HR-32.01)

  • Separated from Sick Leave Policy
  • Differentiates paid time off based on relationship
    • Up to 5 days for an immediate family member/domestic partner
    • Up to 3 days for a close relative
    • Use of 1 sick day for other close relationship

Court Duty (HR-35)

  • Formerly known as the Jury Duty policy, expanded to include provisions for other court proceedings, whether personal or on behalf of Drexel
  • Faculty and Professional Staff Members will retain their stipend in lieu of remitting to Drexel

Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault Leave (HR-36)

  • New
  • Developed to comply with Philadelphia Ordinance, “Entitlement to Leave Due to Domestic or Sexual Violence”
  • Allows for an eight-week unpaid leave of absence for reasons related to domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.
  • Runs concurrent with FMLA

Essential Personnel (HR-18)

  • Gives clarity on how to identify, activate and compensate Professional Staff Member whose roles are essential to Drexel
  • Exempt Professional Staff Member receive regular pay + 1.5x Floating Holiday hours
  • Non-exempt Professional Staff Member receive regular pay + 1.5x overtime pay (reduced from pay + 2x).

Flexible Work Arrangements (HR-61)

  • New
  • Introduces four formal Flexible Work Arrangements
    • Compressed Work Schedule, Flex Schedule, Job Share and Telework
  • Outlines the process for making, reviewing and approving requests
  • Initial 3- day pilot period required and then reviewed during annual performance evaluation for continued feasibility

Holidays (HR-30)

  • Personal Floating Holiday renamed to be Floating Holiday and will reflect in hours instead of days
  • Exempt Professional Staff Member receive regular pay + 1.5x Floating Holiday hours
  • Non-exempt Professional Staff Member receive regular pay + 1.5x overtime pay (reduced from pay + 2x).

Hours of Work (HR-62)

  • Formerly known as the Hours of Work/Overtime policy
  • Expanded definitions to coincide with the Flexible Work Arrangement policy

Investigations and Administrative Leave (HR-44)

  • New
  • Expansion of the Administrative Leave step in the Performance Improvement Process
  • Outlines procedures and responsibilities when a Faculty or Professional Staff Member is subject of an investigation and is placed on leave
    • Leave can be with or without pay

Nepotism/Employment of Relatives & Consensual Amorous Relationships (HR-46)

  • Merged with the Personal Relationship Policy
  • Goes hand-in-hand with the Athletics’ Amorous Relationships policy
  • Clearly states Drexel’s position on such relationships and disclosure requirements

Payment of Wages Upon Employee’s Death (HR-63)

  • Discontinues practice of paying an additional paycheck beyond final pay and vacation upon an employee’s death

Performance Improvement Process (HR-43)

  • Suspension added as an additional action in the Performance Improvement Process

Personal Leave of Absence (HR-39)

  • New
  • Replaces Non-FMLA Policy
  • Allows for a 30-day leave-of-absence for approved reasons such as medical, non-medical, education, volunteer work, extended vacation, etc., which must be approved by the Department Head

Termination of Employment (HR-48)

  • Expanded to stipulate requirement to work last day of employment (cannot not be a holiday or other leave)
  • Accrued and unused vacation payout reduced from 240 to 200 hours (effective 7/1/13)

Vacation Leave (HR-31)

  • Exempt Professional Staff Member will accrue 20 days from date of hire
  • Non-exempt Professional Staff Member will accrue at 15 days from date of hire (20 days after 5 years of service)
  • This will not be retroactive and the accrual rates will change effective May 1st
  • Max payout is decreased from 240 to 200 hours (effective 7/1/13)
  • Max carryover decreased from 288 to 280 hours (effective 7/1/13)
  • Professional Staff Members are required to take a minimum of one week (continuous) vacation leave each fiscal year

To view DUCOM HR policies in full detail, please visit the DUCOM Policies page

Questions about the DUCOM HR Policies should be directed to Michael Janes at or (215) 762-3357.