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Incoming Political Science Prof Wins Dissertation Awards

August 28, 2014
Phillip Ayoub

Phillip Ayoub, PhD, assistant professor of political science, is the recipient of three highly esteemed awards! Ayoub has been named the 2014 winner of the American Political Science Association Human Rights Section awar...

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Political Scientist Weighs in on Ferguson, Missouri, Ebola, Political Corruption and More

August 28, 2014
Bill Rosenberg

William Rosenberg, PhD, professor of political science, continues to be a hot ticket commentator on a variety of political topics. Rosenberg most recently appeared on the talk show panel "Fresh Outlook Today" on EBRU-TV,...

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Poster Professor For Interdisciplinary Learning

August 25, 2014
Lloyd Ackert, PhD

If Lloyd Ackert, PhD, had been given a career aptitude test when he was a high school student, the checkboxes measuring skills, interests, and values would never have produced the varied, sometimes bizarre, but surprisin...

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Losing Your Job Could Kill You, But Recessions Could Be Good For Your Health

July 28, 2014
Unemployment Study

Being unemployed increases your risk of death, but recessions decrease it. Sound paradoxical? Researchers thought so too....

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Kelly Joyce, PhD, Receives NSF Grant for Research in Public Policy Project

July 17, 2014
Kelly Joyce, PhD

Kelly Joyce, PhD, professor and director of the Center for Science, Technology and Society, will serve as the co-principal investigator—along with Roberta Spalter-Roth, PhD, director of the American Sociological Associat...

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The Future of Urban Farms

June 25, 2014
Urban Farming

Urban farms have been popping up in cities all over the world with benefits ranging from local food production and neighborhood beautification to job creation and crime reduction. But what happens when the funding used t...

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New Courses for Fall

June 24, 2014

What do time, Abraham Lincoln and LGBT history have in common? They’re all topics you can learn about in these new fall courses!...

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Ignoring the Evidence at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict

June 23, 2014
angelina jolie and foreign secretary william hague at the global summit to end sexual violence in conflict

The Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict ended, for me, not with a bang but with a tiny symbol of my irrelevance. As I stood, furiously tweeting, after the summit’s closing plenary, I was literally pushed asi...

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2014 Honors Societies Inductions

June 12, 2014
Political Science Honors Inductees 2014

The Department of History and Politics congratulates our 2014 honors societies inductees! Twenty-four students qualified to join the national honors societies for history and political science, demonstrating high academi...

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Q&A With Kathryn Steen: 2014 Awardee of the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching

June 06, 2014
Christian and Mary Lindback

The Department of History and Politics congratulates Kathryn Steen, PhD, associate professor of history, on receiving the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching. This is not the first teaching...

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How Can You Make Science News Better? Ask a Historian or Sociologist of Science

June 05, 2014
Bee carrying a pollen basket

The nuanced reality of scientific and medical research is almost always a little more complicated than the attention-grabbing headlines claim. Even experienced health and science journalists struggle with how to balance ...

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Q&A with Political Science Alum Cassandra King-Burgos

May 27, 2014
Cassandra King-Burgos

Cassandra King-Burgos, BA '12, is wrapping up her first year at Rutgers University New Brunswick. She is studying political theory and women and politics, and is the recipient of a Rutgers Excellence Fellowship, which fu...

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