Bachelor of Arts DegreeĀ in Philosophy

The Study of Philosophy

The study of philosophy involves the extensive use and development of the skills of rational inquiry and dialogue in the widest variety of human circumstances and issues. The study of philosophy enhances a person's sense of his or her own values, goals, prospects and possibilities in life. Philosophically-trained students score second only to mathematics majors on Graduate Record Examinations (GREs) and regularly perform well as a group on other standardized exams, including GMATs and LSATs. Philosophical study is likely to improve and refine the ability to think, write and communicate with others. Philosophy can enhance a student's education and life in ways that are harder to quantify. These have to do with coming to understand oneself and others better; being more open to experiences in life that are especially challenging; developing a sharper ability to think for oneself; and being better prepared to reflect critically and creatively upon questions we confront as persons, as citizens, and as human beings.

The Philosophy Major

The Philosophy major at Drexel introduces the subject matter and methods of philosophy in the context of engagement and contact with the world and its problems—from the personal to the global to the cosmic. In the first two years, student will explore a wide variety of issues arising in the main branches of philosophy, including ethics, metaphysics, epistemology and aesthetics. Starting in the third year, students begin taking seminar classes, which consist of small groups focused on the study of advanced topics in a discussion-based, reading- and writing-intensive manner. In the senior year, students begin a research and writing project, culminating in the defense of a thesis before the philosophy faculty and fellow majors. This year-long project consists of three one-on-one tutorials with a member of the faculty. Students choose the faculty member they would like to work with and collaborate with them to select a topic for the project.

If students have research interests or requirements in philosophy that are not available through scheduled course offerings, they can arrange for an Independent Study with a philosophy faculty member.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts Degree: 182.0-188.0 credits

Recommended Plan of Study

Checklist and Recommended Plan of Study for Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (PDF)