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The Certificate in Writing and Publishing (CWP) offers the opportunity for both professional and personal development through a combination of available courses in professional writing, creative writing and publishing. The certificate will enhance employment opportunities, opening up a broad range of professional choices in cooperative employment and in the post-degree job market as skills are acquired. The CWP will improve on-the-job performance as the student develops writing skills and associated professional knowledge.

The program develops core competencies through the synergy of writing and publishing courses. The courses develop the student's skills in writing and publishing both through theory and practical application.

Completion of the Certificate in Writing and Publishing highlights the student's acquisition of skills more visibly than a list of courses on a transcript. The certificate demonstrates the student's commitment to writing and publishing skills. This can be particularly helpful to students majoring in science, business or technical areas in which writing skills are extremely valuable but often underdeveloped.

Tracks Offered

Students pursuing the CWP achieve certification in one or more of the following tracks:

The Professional Writing and Publishing Track is useful for business majors or students in technical or science fields who want to highlight their acquisition of writing skills. For students majoring in the humanities, it provides an opportunity to develop areas of writing and publishing competencies in the professional arena.

The Creative Writing and Publishing Track is useful to students in all disciplines, as it encourages personal and professional development through creative writing and an understanding of the field of publishing.

The Comprehensive Writing and Publishing Track is for students who wish to gain a more general background in publishing, creative or professional writing and journalism.

Tracks can be designed to meet the professional needs and personal interests of the individual student. The Program Director will advise the student on selection of a track and appropriate courses; it is likely that the student's academic advisor may also provide insight. Each track requires the completion of a minimum of six courses (18 credits) chosen from the courses in the CWP program. All courses are 3 credits, except WRIT 400 Writing in Cyberspace (4 credits).

Note: Many majors already require one or more of the CWP courses or list these courses as recommended electives.


Certificate Requirements: Writing and Publishing: 18.0 credits

Writing and Publishing Course Descriptions

Additional information

For additional information, contact the program director:

Harriet Millan

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