Master of Science Degree in Chemistry

The MS degree is awarded after satisfactory completion of a minimum of 45 credit hours in chemistry and related fields, at least 30 credits of which must be taken at Drexel. Both thesis and non-thesis options are available.

Thesis Option

Up to 9 credits of research (CHEM997, CHEM898 or CHEM680) may be used toward the M.S. degree, though  more than 9 cr. of research may be done. No later than the spring term of the first year of coursework, a student should choose a research advisor with whom to work in carrying out an original investigation in chemistry. The results will be written up in thesis form and submitted to an MS thesis committee consisting of the research advisor and two other departmental faculty appointed by the advisor. The acceptance by this committee of the MS thesis completes the thesis option requirements for the MS degree. Students who have received financial aid from the department must elect the thesis option if they do not pursue the PhD program at Drexel.


Requirements for Admission

Degree Requirements: MS Chemistry

Chemistry Course Descriptions

For information on course scheduling or waiving specific course requirements, please contact the graduate advisor:

Anthony Addison, PhD
Phone: 215.895.2646
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