Graduate Studies in Chemistry

The Chemistry Department offers graduate programs in analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and polymer chemistry. The department also encourages interdisciplinary activities. Faculty members are active participants in engineering, environmental engineering, environmental science, and biomedical science programs; others work with physicists and biologists in areas such as atmospheric science, biochemistry, and biophysical chemistry.

Graduate Research

Faculty in the Department of Chemistry recognize the importance of conducting fundamental research while working on problems of practical interest with applications in the modern world. Areas of research include the use of digital electronic methods to analyze trace constituents of air and water, a study of the molecules of living systems, the effects of toxic chemicals and carcinogens, synthesis and characterization of compounds of medicinal and industrial interest, methods for studying macromolecules, and characterization of transient species using lasers.

The Chemistry Department strives to maintain a community of research scholars (faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate students) that is large enough to provide a variety of experiences within chemistry, yet small enough to give each student individual attention. Both full-time and part-time plans of study are available.

Requirements for Admission

For admission to graduate study, the department requires a BS in chemistry or the equivalent. This requirement applies to full-time and part-time students working toward either the MS or the PhD degree. All entering MS and PhD students are required to take a series of two-hour exams in analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry to help assess their preparation for graduate work in chemistry. The scores obtained on these exams are used as a basis for course selection.

Financial Assistance

Graduate students at Drexel can obtain two main types of financial support: teaching assistantships and research assistantships. Teaching assistantships are available on a competitive basis to incoming students and are normally renewable for several years. Prospective graduate students seeking financial assistance must submit scores for the Graduate Records Exam (GRE).