Research Overview

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The research direction of the Department of Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science is multi-faceted and provides students with hands-on experience through Drexel’s Co-Op program and through ongoing research programs within the Department and University, and at the Academy of Natural Sciences. Students now have access to one of the most extensive natural science collections in the world, located at the Academy. This provides an exceptional context and resources for the assessment of environmental change on a local and global scale.

Important Research and Programs of Study

  • Tropical biology/ecology
  • Population biology of sea turtles and terrapins
  • Systematic and evolutionary biology from phytoplankton to plants and animals
  • Physiological constraints on amphibians and desert reptiles
  • Paleobiology and paleoecology
  • Stable isotope tracers in aquatic and terrestrial systems
  • Fate and transport of organic compounds
  • Community ecology
  • Bio-indicators for ecosystem health assessments
  • Wetlands ecology, plant dynamics and climate change
  • Biogeochemistry of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus
  • Academy research programs

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