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Current Undergraduate

Academic Dismissal


Student has not met the minimum term and/or cumulative GPA requirements of the university.  


Academically dismissed students receive a certified letter from the Registrar's Office and an email from the Office of Student Services. If you know you will be/are dismissed, do not wait to be notified before taking action. 


Students who want to be considered for reinstatement may make their appeal to the College Academic Standing Committee. The Committee meets on the first day of every quarter. To meet with the committee, students must schedule an appointment by calling 215-895-2396.

Students may appeal a maximum of two times for reinstatement.

International students & students outside of the geographic region may appeal via phone meeting.

Academic Standing Committee Policies & Procedures [PDF]


Academic Progress

View the Office of the Provost Undergraduate Academic Standing and Probation Policy.


For information about tuition refunds, view the University Tuition Refund Policy webpage.

Please visit the Drexel Central Forms and Applications Page.

AP Credit

View the Office of the Provost Advanced Placement Credit Policy.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is an opportunity for Westphal College students to gain valuable work experience and industry contacts as part of their college training. All students in the Westphal College participate in co-op with the exception of Architecture students who complete a work-study program.

In preparation for co-op, students take a course entitled COOP 101. This 0 credit course is automatically added to each student’s schedule in the Sophomore year. Students may not proceed to co-op without having successfully completed this course.

Each Program Director and Co-op Advisor will determine a student’s co-op cycle. Students in all majors (except ARTH, EAM and MIP) complete co-op in their junior year in either the fall/winter or spring/summer terms. Students in ARTH, EAM and MIP complete co-ops in the summers during Sophomore and Junior years.

While co-op is a required component of each program, academic credit is not granted for this experience. Students earn DCU (Drexel Co-op Units) after the successful completion of co-op.

Visit the Steinbright Career Development Center website for additional information about Co-op.

Counseling Center

For information about confidential counseling services, please visit the Counseling Center webpage.

Credit By Exam

Credit/No Credit

View the Office of the Provost Credit/No Credit Option Policy.

Degree Requirements

Students can view their progress toward meeting their degree requirements (major, minor, concentration) on DegreeWorks. DegreeWorks is an interactive site which tracks individual progress by identifying 3 critical elements:

Degree Requirements: All courses/subjects/credits that must be successful completed in order to earn the degree.

  • Progress Toward Completion: All courses that are in progress and completed.
  • Planner: A recommended sequence in which to complete the undergraduate degree requirements. The sequence accounts for prerequisite courses which must be taken in the prescribed order.
  • Students who deviate from the planner should ALWAYS consult with their academic advisor to ensure that their deviation will not interrupt/delay their progress toward their degree.

For more information about DegreeWorks, visit the Drexel Academic Information and Systems website.

  • Login to DrexelOne
  • Select Student tab
  • Select More Banner Web
  • Select DegreeWorks Audit

DrexelOne Account

DrexelOne is the web portal to many services including DegreeWorks, email, and online course materials.

Faculty Mentors

Faculty Mentors works with students on educational activities which relate to the students major and career objective. A broad overview of these functions include: learning about a career, course tutoring, and industry contacts. View the Faculty Mentors list. [PDF]

General Education Requirements

Holds Placed On Account

For information about holds placed on your account, visit the Financial Holds webpage.


Major Sheet

A major sheet is a list of every course and total credit hours required to complete a degree in a specific major. Students are responsible for successful completion of the major requirements for the year they entered the program. For more information, visit the Drexel University Catalog website.



For a complete list of minors, visit the Drexel University Catalog website.


Office Of Disability Resources

Studio & Lab Classes Learning Outcomes

Visit the Office of Disability Resources webpage for additional information.


Online Courses

Students may register for online courses that are unrestricted via their DrexelOne account. Students will need to review the section comments under each course to determine if the course is unrestricted or restricted to students in the Drexel University online program. Noted restrictions allow only those students who meet the criteria to register and participate in the course.


Plans Of Study

A Plan of study is a recommended sequence in which to take courses to complete all degree requirements. The plan was developed with consideration of prerequisites and terms in which courses are typically offered.

  • Students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor to discuss the ramifications of any deviation from the plan of study as this may cause a significant delay in the completion of degree requirements.
  • Students should monitor their Drexel e-mail to stay alert to any course or term changes.
  • Students follow the plan of study that corresponds to their program and the year in which they entered the program.

Current and archived Plans of Study may be found on the Drexel University Catalog website and on DegreeWorks.


Students who have a GPA below 2.0 are placed on Academic Probation and required to meet with an Academic Advisor. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure the student understands the policy and to develop steps to remove this status.

View the Office of the Provost Academic Probation Policy.



For information about Registration and Fees, please visit the Course Registration webpage, and view Westphal's Course Registration Process [PDF].


Students must be registered for classes and present their Drexel ID cards to enter university buildings. If you are denied access, please come to the Office of Student Services for Assistance.

For complete details regarding Drexel University Security, please visit the Security Serviceswebpage. For a complete list of Emergency Numbers please visit Drexel's Public Safety website.


Student Handbook

Visit the Student Affairs website for the Drexel Student Handbook.

Student Work Release Form

Study Abroad

For information about Study Abroad, visit the Drexel Study Abroad website.


Visit the Student Affairs website for information about Tutoring.

Westphal Studies Program

The Westphal Studies Program Program provides an individualized course of study initiated by a student. The curriculum allows students to study a combination of disciplines to suit their career goals.

Admission to the program is limited to currently matriculated Westphal College of Media Arts and Design students who have completed the major-intensive sophomore year and experienced a co-op placement or completed their junior-year courses.

Please refer to the Westphal Studies Program webpage for additional information, or speak with your academic advisor, for more information on the Westphal Studies Program.

Withdraw From University

View the Office of the Provost Withdraw from the University Policy.

Writing Intensive

For information about Writing Intensive courses at Drexel, visit the Department of English & Philosophy website.