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Graphic Design Senior Showcase

2023 Graphic Design Senior Showcase June 8 and 9   

Each year, Graphic Design seniors showcase their creative work to family, friends, industry professionals, and the Drexel community. The Graphic Design Senior Show Exhibition and Showcase website will premiere on Thursday, June 8th. In the weeks leading up to the launch and events, visit the Graphic Design Instagram and Facebook for project teasers and student spotlights. The Senior Showcase Awards will be announced on Monday, June 12th on our social media and the showcase website.

The 2023 Graphic Design Senior Show Exhibition and Showcase Website offer viewers the opportunity to see stunning work and meet our newly minted designers. Graphic Design seniors will exhibit projects that showcase their versatility and talent. Highlights include senior capstone projects, book design, packaging, publication design, web design, wayfinding, exhibition design, and motion graphics.


Senior Showcase Branding

Art Director: Fiona Tran
Jade Dinh, Aviva Gordon, Ross Huang, Victor A. Martinez-Torres, Nicole Nowakowski

Senior Showcase Marketing
Co Chairs: Evan Michel & Eric Sweeney
Designers: Eitan Goldberg, Yuki Mak, Casey Reinknecht, Laura Rendon-Garcia, Camille Velasquez

Senior Show Showcase Website
Chair: Sara Balsamo
Carter Benoit-Myer, Emily Gioacchini, Hemani Kapoor, Madelyn Lobb, Peter Neuvelt

Senior Show Booklet & Event
Chair: Bhavna Ganesan
Matthew Bruner, Ethan Carhuapoma, Julia Kimball, Isabel Kokko, Sean McLaughlin

Special thanks to Valentina Angelkova and Henry Holien for the senior portrait photography


Design is everywhere, and in everything. As the 2023 senior class of the Drexel Graphic Design program, we know this to be an indisputable fact. We understand that design has the power to shift thinking, embrace new ideas, and reflect innovative forms of communication. Our differences in personalities, diverse backgrounds, and distinct styles have only strengthened our bond as students and designers.

Our road to graduation has not been an ordinary one. Despite beginning our journey together and forming meaningful connections, the pandemic resulted in an era of separation, endless zoom meetings, and little time to collaborate with others. Now, as seniors, we have fully reunited and have used the remaining months of school to reconnect with old friends and discover new ones (and design, of course). From here, we are left to ponder the idea of what comes next.

But, this is not the end. For whatever our professions may be, wherever we go and whichever paths we take, the bonds we formed and the creativity we share will transcend beyond zoom screens and timezones. This is our promise to ourselves, and to the rest of the senior class.

Uniquely, 2023


Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 Senior Show awards for excellence in graphic design! These awards recognize students whose work demonstrates the highest level of achievement in graphic design among their peers. While all the work of class of 2023 is outstanding in every way and the competition was tough, the following students have distinguished themselves with their faculty and alumni colleagues. It is an honor and a great pleasure to recognize the following students in their winning categories:



Valentina Angelkova

Sara Balsamo

Carter Benoît-Myer

Matthew Bruner

Zohaib Shahid Butt

Aileen Nayelli Cabrera

Anastasia Campbell

Sophia Cantu

Ethan Carhuapoma

Minh Chau (Jade) Dinh

Nicole Donato

Cecilia Fralick

Bhavna Ganesan

Emily Gioacchini

Eitan Goldberg

Aviva Gordon

Henry Holien

Ross Huang

Hemani Kapoor

Julia Kimball

Isabel Kokko

Kwok Chun (Johnny) Lau

Rosa Lemonds

Madelyn Lobb

Yuki Mak

Victor A. Martinez-Torres

Sean McLaughlin

Evan Michel

Jon Nazar

Peter Neuvelt

Alexis Ngo

Andrew Ngo

Nicole Nowakowski

Tyler Ouellette

Elena Owens

Casey Reinknecht

Laura Rendon-Garcia

Eliza Siembida

Chelsea Spratley

Eric Sweeney

Brandon Timonere

Fiona Tran

Camille Velasquez

Catherine Walter

Justin Weiner

Kendall Wolson

Brandon Yip

Hope Zucco

Thank you to everyone that supported the Graphic Design Class of 2023 throughout their time with the Graphic Design program and their Senior Show.

Program Director: Bill Rees

Associate Program Director: Mark Willie

Department Head: Ann Gerondelis

Westphal College Dean: Jason Schupbach

Executive Director of Communications & Events: Brandon Johnson

Associate Director of Communications: Laurel Hostak Jones

Event Coordinator: Dayana Marshall

Academic Advisor: Evelyn Ramos

Faculty: Tobi Afran, Christine Bailey, Kristen Beck, Julia Colton, Rose DiSanto, Joshua Gdovin, Jody Graff, Don Haring, Jake Herschman, Eric Karnes, Samuel Lee, Jenna McBride, Ethan Meillier, Sarina Miller, Joe Mogelesky, Rosemary Murphy, Janice O’Connor, Luis Quevedo, Elyse Richter, Sandy Stewart, Kayla Velocci, Robert Warkulwiz, Shushi Yoshinaga