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Concluding VisionForward While Expanding Its Legacy at Drexel

Since you are a valued partner and supporter of VisionForward, I’m writing to make you aware of Drexel University’s decision to conclude the program effective December 2022. We very much appreciate your partnership throughout the years. Your support has helped to advance gender equity through women's leadership and to mobilize thousands to strive for equality.

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June is PRIDE Month!

It is June 2021 and we are in the midst of Pride month. Pride has a complicated and rich history for so many reasons. LGBTQIA+ people encompass so many different identities and experiences and Pride is an opportunity to bring awareness of *queer history, how we’ve evolved as a nation, and how much work there is still to be done for true justice and equality for the entire community.

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How Did a Visionary Female Entrepreneur Make Modern Art Mainstream?

With International Women’s Day approaching, it’s an opportune time to shine a spotlight on a modern art entrepreneur, Marie Cuttoli (1879-1973), whose career spanned across France, Algeria and the U.S.

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Celebrating Women's Independence

I challenge every woman to think about what independence looks like in her own life and how to advance it. One of my favorite quotes is "You get what you settle for." We don't have to settle for less than we deserve.

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Bicycles and Women's Rights

When the bicycle became popular in the 1890s, a quarter century before women could vote, it opened up new possibilities for women. Women now had more freedom in how they dressed, changing from the restrictive, modest fashion of the Victorian age into outfits that (gasp) exposed their ankles and bloomers. More important, bicycles gave women a new means of transportation independence.

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Why Some Are Celebrating the 19th Amendment's 100th Anniversary This Month

Do you know when your home state voted in favor of women's right to vote? Check out this list of each state's ratification since June 1919.

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Envisioning Shared Leadership in the Home

The mental load, also known as invisible or emotional labor, disproportionately affects women. This Mother's Day and Father's Day, let's take a moment to consider the roles we play in our own homes, both as partners and as parents, and how all of us -- not just women -- can share the role of CEO of the House.


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ASAP Philly Girls Play Chess 2019

Vision 2020 Supports 11th Annual 'Philly Girls Play Chess'

Vision 2020 is proud to once again support our Allied Organization's annual chess tournament for girls. 

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