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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the deadline for High School Scholar applications?

We accept applications only twice a year: April 15th and October 1st. The April 15th deadline is for Summer/Fall Term admissions; the October 1st deadline is for Winter/Spring Term admissions.

Who is eligible to apply for each of these deadlines?

For the April 15th Application Deadline for the Summer and Fall Terms:
CURRENT high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors may apply. 

For the October 1st Application Deadline for the Winter and Spring Terms:
CURRENT sophomores, juniors, and seniors (on a case-by-case basis) may apply.

Are homeschooled students eligible to apply for High School Scholars?

Yes. Many of the current High School Scholars are or have been homeschooled.

Earning Credits

Can I earn high school credit for taking Drexel courses?

Drexel University only offers college credit, as the High School Scholars Program is NOT a dual enrollment program. Some high schools do offer credit for completed college courses, but this would be done at the discretion of your high school. Check with your high school advisor or counselor for details.

Are college credits earned through the High School Scholars Program transferable to other colleges or universities?

Drexel University cannot guarantee that any course credits earned are fully transferable to other colleges or universities. If you intend to transfer Drexel University credits, you will need to contact the Admissions Office of the college or university in question to find out information about their policies regarding transfer of credits.

Courses & Registration

When do classes start and end?

Drexel University adheres to a quarter schedule. There are four (4) ten-week quarters in an academic year:

  • Fall: Late September through mid-December
  • Winter: Early January through late March
  • Spring: Early April through mid-June
  • Summer: Late June through early September 

Each term is ten (10) weeks in length, with finals administered during the eleventh (11th) week. High School Scholars will need to confirm the class schedule with their instructors.

A full academic calendar is available online:

How do I find and choose a course?

Consult the Term Master Schedule to view classes available by term and through each College and Department.

High School Scholars may choose courses being offered by the following Colleges:

  • The College of Arts and Sciences
  • LeBow College of Business

Look for introductory courses (usually indicated by the course number – 100 or 101). Also check to make sure the course meets the following conditions:

  • The course does not have any prerequisites or restrictions.
  • The course has available seats. (If seats are not available, classes will be listed as “closed.”)

Please Note: High School Scholars may not choose online classes, as students must attend classes on Drexel’s University City campus.

Please contact the High School Scholars Program staff with any questions about your eligibility for specific courses or sections. 

Can I take a course listed under a different college or school?

No. High School Scholars are only eligible to take classes from the colleges listed above (Arts and Sciences, Business, and Goodwin).

How many courses can I take?

High School Scholars are permitted to take one (1) course per term and up to four (4) courses per academic year.

Please Note: High school seniors may not register for courses during the summer following their graduation from high school, unless they will enter Drexel University in the fall as part of the incoming freshman class.

How do I register for a course?


Submit your top three (3) course choices to the High School Scholars Program staff. The deadlines for these course selections are as follows:

Fall Term
August 15th
Winter Term
November 15th 
Spring Term
February 15th
Summer Term
May 15th           

You will then be notified of the course you have been placed in, according to your preferences and class availability. 

Can students take placement tests to bypass courses?

The only departments that allow High School Scholars to take placement exams to bypass pre-requisites are the Modern Language department and Mathematics department. Otherwise, High School Scholars are not permitted to take placement tests or bypass pre-requisites that they may have already completed outside of Drexel.

For foreign language courses, High School Scholars may take foreign language placement tests. Visit the following website for more information on the foreign language placement test.

For mathematics courses, High School Scholars may take either the Calculus Readiness or Mathematics Placement exam. For more information on these exams, please visit the following website.

Can credit from advanced placement (AP) classes be used to fulfill prerequisites for upper level courses?

No. High School Scholars are not permitted to use AP credits or credits from other universities to fulfill prerequisites. High School Scholars can only use successfully completed Drexel courses to fulfill prerequisites for other courses.

How do I drop or withdraw from a course?

Drops must be completed by the end of Week 1 in a given term (and will not appear on your Drexel University transcript). Withdrawals must be completed before the end of Week 7 in a given term (and will result in a permanent “W” on your Drexel University transcript).

Complete all of the following steps to drop or withdraw from a course:

  1. Contact the High School Scholars Program staff to indicate that you are preparing to drop or withdraw from your current class.
  2. Print and complete the Drexel Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form.
  3. Obtain the appropriate signatures. The form will need to be signed by the High School Scholar and the instructor of the course being dropped or withdrawn from; obtaining these signatures is the responsibility of the High School Scholar.
  4. Deliver a signed copy of the form to the High School Scholars Program in person (3019 MacAlister Hall, 33rd and Chestnut sts.)
  5. Please Note: No drop/withdrawal forms will be accepted after 12:00 noon on the Thursday of
    Week 1/Week 7 in any given term.

Please Note: 

  • If you withdraw from a course, you will need to wait two (2) terms before you are permitted to register again for another course through the High School Scholars Program.
  • Two course withdrawals will result in dismissal from the program.

How do I obtain my grades and/or transcript?

To obtain an unofficial transcript:

  1. Go to the DrexelOne website.
  2. Use your Drexel username and password to log into your student information page.

To obtain an official transcript, follow directions provided online by the Office of the University Registrar


I am having trouble logging into the DrexelOne portal. What do I do?

If you have logged into DrexelOne before and are now experiencing problems, refer to the DrexelOne help webpage.

If you have not logged into DrexelOne before, you will first need to set up your student account:

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the link to set up new accounts.
  3. Enter the requested information.

These steps will enable you to create a password and set up your Drexel email. Write down and memorize your login information, as you will use the same username and password to log into DrexelOne to retrieve grades and access your course information and details throughout your time in the High School Scholars Program.

Please Note: We do not keep track of students’ passwords, so please be sure that you write down the password you select for your Drexel account information. If you forget your password, you will have to contact the Accounts Office to reset your password. 

How do I check my Drexel email?

Drexel email can be accessed at the following URL: Use your Drexel username and password to login.

Please Note: Your Drexel email address will be your username [at] drexel [dot] edu. This is the email address that your professors and instructors will use to contact you with any information while you are registered for a Drexel course as a High School Scholar. 

I received a tuition bill or collection notice. What do I do?

If you are a student in the High School Scholars Program and you received a tuition bill or collection notice, please contact the High School Scholars Program Staff immediately. Please do not pay any tuition notice you receive without first contacting the High School Scholars Program staff. 

How do I obtain a Drexel ID card?

Drexel student identification cards (called “DragonCards”) can be obtained through the DragonCard office, located in the Creese Student Center (3210 Chestnut Street). To obtain your card, you will need the following:

  1. Your Drexel Student ID number (found in your High School Scholars acceptance letter)
  2. A valid photo driver’s license, passport, or state-issued photo ID, which will have to be presented to the DragonCard representative.

You will not be able to obtain a DragonCard until one week prior to the start of the term during which you are registered for a course. For more information on the DragonCard, including the DragonCard office hours, visit the DragonCard Office website.