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Conversations over Food at Hans

  • Young Eun Park
Posted on September 5, 2017
Questions and Answers

As freshman students, Handschumacher Dining Center is the place to eat. Almost every day of our academic term is spent eating, doing homework, and socializing in the dining arena. I spend most of my Hans meal swipes catching up with friends who are way too busy to meet anywhere else. We have amazing conversations and some that are purely average. I decided to ask a few questions about life at Drexel.

Melody, environmental engineering major
Angela, computer engineering major
Young Eun, nursing major (asking the questions)

What do you like most about Philadelphia?

M: The people?
A: I like the freedom. There is a certain air about the city.
M: You can ride the bus anywhere.
A: Do you want more ice cream, Young Eun?

What is your most difficult midterm for a class?

A: Math, deferential questions.
M: Oh my goodness yes!
A: It would not be that hard if I found the lectures more engaging. I stopped trying.
M: I go in there and nothing sticks. I don't understand even if I try to pay attention.
A: There are not enough examples. I need more steps and time.

How about your favorite class?

A: Ahh, I like bio and programming. It might be because I like the professors that teach them. How about you, Melody?
M: I definitely like bio and it is actually really interesting. It is very chill. I also really like philosophy. I might even minor in it.
A: This ice cream flavor is really good.
M: What flavor is it?
A: I think it is vanilla with salted caramel and chocolate covered pretzel chunks.

What do you consider to be your favorite dining hall?

M: I guess I would have to say Urban Eatery? It's closer to our dorms.
A: They are all really not that bad. I am going to get more ice cream...hold on.
M: It is definitely not food from home, but I like that I do not have to cook.
A: I am worried for next year when we have to start cooking by ourselves. I can just see a disaster coming.

If you are not eating in the dining halls, what is your favorite place to eat?

M: HipCityVeg. It is so convenient for vegans like myself. As you know, the sweet potato fries are so delicious. I think I'm going to go this weekend to get some.
A: Sabrina's? I have a few favorites, but Sabrina's is definitely my favorite at this moment.

Are you satisfied with your dorms?

A: I love my dorm in Towers. Currently, I live by myself because my roommate moved out. It is so spacious.
M: I like Millennium, mostly the view and the cleanliness.

It is almost summer and we are going to be sophomores next year. Are you excited?

A: I am both nervous and excited. I think I am going to miss freshman year and all the wonderful memories, but I am excited to start another year.
M: It is going to be a lot more difficult for me in terms of classes, but I think I can handle it better with a year of experience in college. I guess I am just excited to be one step closer to graduating.

Young Eun Park is a freshman nursing major from Northeastern Pennsylvania. She loves to watch cooking and baking videos on YouTube, but never actually cooks.

Young Eun Park

Young Eun Park
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