Best Practices for Engaging with Comments and Messages

When to Engage

  • Engage with positive comments
  • Engage when the comments/messages are genuine or helpful to the user
  • Take personal questions/concerns offline - contact the appropriate office to respond via Drexel
  • When engaging individuals, check their accounts first to ensure they are not trolls or bots
  • Reply in a timely fashion (ideally within 24-48 hours)

When to Ignore

  • When negative comments are received:
    • Generally, do not engage
      • Heated conversations/debates - your audience may de-escalate the situation, but keep an eye on how the conversation is playing out
        • If it becomes too aggressive, you may need to block the responsible member(s) - if you have any questions, contact University Marketing and Communications to help
    • If comments are offensive/abusive, they should be hidden as quickly as possible

Should individual departments consider using this platform to promote their research? If so, what questions should they answer before creating a new profile?

It is recommended to go through the college/school main account to reach a broader audience. If your audience vastly differs from the main account, you must be approved by University Marketing and Communications to create a new social media account.