Bike Sharing

Drexel Bike Share is open to all students and employees with a valid Drexel University ID and in good standing with the University. There is no rental fee to use a Drexel Bike Share bike. To be eligible to participate in Drexel Bike Share, the student or employee must complete an annual Drexel Bike Share Membership Agreement. The use of a Drexel Bike Share bike includes a helmet, u-lock, cable and lock key (the "Equipment").

All Bike Share Equipment is picked up and returned to the Information Desk at the Creese Student Center, located at 3210 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104. Drexel makes no representations as to the availability of the Equipment. Use of the Equipment is strictly on a "first come, first served" basis. Reservations for Equipment will not be accepted.

Share Time

(In general, two days or one weekend)
The maximum share period for the Equipment will depend upon the day of the week that the share commences, as follows:

  • Equipment borrowed on a Tuesday must be returned on Thursday.
  • Equipment borrowed on a Wednesday must be returned on Friday.
  • Equipment borrowed on a Thursday must be returned on Monday.
  • Equipment borrowed on a Friday must be returned on Tuesday.
  • If the date of the return falls on a holiday, the Equipment must be returned no later than 48 hours after the time it was borrowed, or the first business day after such 48-hour period.
  • Equipment should be returned not later than the time of day when it was initially checked out.

All pick-ups and returns must occur between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Members must return the Equipment to the Creese Information Desk. Equipment left at the Information Desk after it is closed will be considered late, and may result in the loss of the Equipment, and the suspension of the member's rental privileges.

Failure to return the Equipment on time may result in the suspension of the member's rental privileges. As outlined in the Drexel Bike Share Membership Agreement, if the Equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, members may be held financially responsible for the full replacement cost of the Equipment. Drexel will assume that the Equipment is a complete loss if it is not returned within 24 hours of its designated due date and time. Drexel does not maintain insurance to cover the loss of any Drexel Bike Share Equipment. By executing the Membership Agreement, members acknowledge and agree to be financially responsible for any loss of or damage to Drexel Bike Share Equipment, regardless of the cause.

Membership Agreement

To participate, please complete the form in the link below. You will receive a response immediately after filling out the form. You may not participate until you receive confirmation.

Bike Share Membership Agreement

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